Study Finds That Athlete Deaths Are 1700% Higher Than Expected
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⁣Study Finds That Athlete Deaths Are 1700% Higher Than Expected

Elon Musk के साथ हुई चोरी😔- शीशा टूटा, Radio गायब #shorts
John Baker
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Elon Musk के साथ हुई चोरी😔- शीशा टूटा, Radio गायब
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The Spike Protein Is a Cancer Trigger: It Binds to the Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer Gene, BRCA
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⁣Cancers are now exploding:
The spike protein attacks the bone marrow and your dividing stem cells, hence the increase in cancers

It doesn’t matter which ‘vaccine’ you take, they all produce the same spike protein which attacks your cells

This is a crime against humanity where we’re using a dangerous product that is harming our human body, harming our hormones, harming our reproductive organs

Elon Musk hints layoffs at Twitter, says "costs exceed revenue"
John Baker
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Full story here:

Elon Musk has told Twitter employees that the platform "needs to get healthy" financially and bring down costs, suggesting that job cuts are likely in store if his deal goes through.

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Parts of Yellowstone National Park likely to remain closed this summer

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ELON MUSK #short #youtubeshorts
John Baker
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⁣ELON MUSK #short #youtubeshorts

Urgent: Scheme by Pfizer and Moderna Aims To Skip Clinical Trials for Future C0VID Vaxxines
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⁣Pfizer and Moderna, as enabled by the FDA, have come up with a scheme. The scheme is called "The Future Framework," and the idea is to skip clinical trials in perpetuity.

In five days, on Tuesday, June 28, the FDA will vote on a proposal, and the proposal says that reformulated COVID-19 shots are "biologically similar" to existing COVID-19 shots, and so, therefore, they can skip clinical trials altogether.

Dr. Toby Rogers: "Going forward, as of June 29, if this goes through, we will have no data at all. We will have a little bit of information from test-tube studies, a little bit of information from mice studies, but we will have no human data whatsoever. This is a nightmare!"

"The Future Framework is an existential threat to the future of the United States, and the FDA has lost its mind and must be stopped."

Wild Conspiracy Theories From 1998…
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⁣Wild Conspiracy Theories From 1998…

Elon Musk And Warren Buffett Just LAUNCHED Next-Gen Tesla Battery!
John Baker
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Elon Musk And Warren Buffett Just LAUNCHED Next-Gen Tesla Battery!

BYD, the Warren Buffett-backed Chinese electric carmaker, plans to supply Tesla with batteries "very soon," according to a senior executive at the company, according to a Chinese state-owned broadcaster. Wanna know more?

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BYD, backed by Warren Buffett, has recently surpassed Volkswagen as the world's third most valuable vehicle manufacturer, buoyed by the prospects of China's thriving NEV sector.

On Wednesday, shares of the Shenzhen, Guangdong province-based company closed up 3.98 percent. This increased its market capitalization to $142.7 billion, dwarfing Volkswagen's $101.6 billion.

BYD is the only Chinese automaker among the top ten most valuable peers globally, but it trails Elon Musk's Tesla and Toyota of Japan.

Tesla is the most valuable automaker, valued at $742.5 billion as of Wednesday, more than three times the value of Toyota, despite the fact that Toyota's shipments last year were more than ten times Tesla's.

According to analysts, BYD's growth demonstrates the potential of the global NEV sector, and the trend is even more visible in China, which has been the world's largest market for such vehicles since 2015.

Even in April, when China's car market hit a decade low, NEV sales increased 44.6 percent to nearly 300,000 units, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers.

NEV deliveries in the country totaled 1.56 million in the first four months, up 110 percent from the same period last year. According to the CAAM, this accounted for 20% of total vehicle sales in China from January to April.

BYD, China's largest NEV manufacturer, ceased production of conventional gasoline-powered vehicles in March to focus on fully electric and hybrid vehicles.

It sold over 100,000 vehicles in April, up 136 percent year on year, becoming China's only major automaker to see monthly sales growth.

May saw 114,183 units delivered, a 152.8 percent increase over the same month last year.

Chinese NEV startups did well as well, with four companies delivering over 10,000 units in May. Three of them saw year-on-year sales more than double during the month.

They expect the trend to continue as they release new models.

Li Auto will unveil its second model, a full-sized SUV, later this month, and Nio will release three new models this year, including the ET7 sedan, which will compete with BMW's 7 Series.

Toyota began pre-sales of its first electric SUVs in China in late April, becoming the country's latest major international brand to enter the heated NEV race.

According to Huaxi Securities, as NEVs have become a viable alternative to gasoline-powered vehicles in China's major cities, there is great potential in the vast countryside as well.

According to the brokerage, vehicles sold in third-tier or smaller cities will account for 44 percent of total vehicle sales in China in 2021, but only 32 percent in the NEV segment.

Since June, 26 automakers have joined forces to promote NEVs in rural areas, offering over 70 electric models to buyers in rural areas.

Analyst Huang Xili of Soochow Securities expects the campaign to increase NEV sales by around 100,000 units this year, to 5.25 million units, up from 3.5 million in 2021.

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Legend Quotes Elon Musk #shorts
Elon Musk once said... 🤔 #shorts
John Baker
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A simple quote from the great and powerful Elon Musk.

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Vivian Jenna Wilson: hija trans de Elon Musk | Xavier Alexander Musk | Hijos de Elon Musk
John Baker
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Vivian Jenna Wilson, hija trans de Elon Musk, envió una solicitud para cambiarse el nombre para no tener “nada que ver” con el hombre más rico del mundo.

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5 Things You Didn't Know About Elon Musk
John Baker
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5 Things You Didn't Know About Elon Musk!

Ron DeSantis Calls Elon Musk An ‘African American’
John Baker
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Ron DeSantis welcomes support from Elon Musk, calling him an ‘African American.’ The Majority Report crew discuss South Africa and how a white minority control has subjugated the majority. The MR crew also talk about how they think Ron DeSantis is practicing Trump's mannerisms.

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You can see that he has been practicing Trump's moves oh yeah back and forth back and forth. The guy is built his whole career now to be Trump, whose name is not trump. He's pulling us Steve Scalise famously said upon entering i can't remember what kind of a vfw hall or something it was like i'm uh i'm um uh oh who's that kkkguy. i'm David Duke without the baggage is that right. DeSantis, I'm Donald Trump without the baggage. He's Trump but a normal guy normal politician…

Elon Musk's Transgender Daughter Wants Nothing to Do With Him
John Baker
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One of Elon Musk's children has decided to end their relationship with the richest man in the world.

The 18-year-old, who was born Xavier Musk, came out as transgender and legally filed to change her name to Vivian Wilson, adopting her mother's last name.

Wilson said in the court filing that she wanted to change her name because she doesn't want a relationship with her biological father anymore.

#elonmusk #transgender #emancipation


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Propaganda Is Used To Manipulate Your Thoughts so You Obey and Walk Blindly Along a Path to the New
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⁣For example, the words conspiracy and conspiracy theory have been obfuscated to shut down your brain when presented with information that may cause you to investigate the truth.

This is how propaganda works.

It’s used to subvert a persons thought processes on a path to distraction and away from ANY truth in a conspiracy theory.

Using propaganda to manipulate cognitive processes, people are trained to obey rather than use their own free will.

Elon Musk's New High-Tech Spacesuit SHOCKS The Entire Industry!
John Baker
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The spacesuit is always the star of the show, no matter if it's science fiction
or science reality. The joy and inspiration we feel when we witness
astronauts in upgraded spacesuits is well-known.
For what it is, the new SpaceX spacesuit design is unlike anything NASA or
anyone has ever done before.
SpaceX High Tech Space Suit boasts so many unique features, such as
touchscreen compatibility and dynamic heat control, and others that you
won't believe your eyes. SpaceX's new suit appears to be more like
something out of a sci-fi movie.

Tesla's 'Overwhelming Concerns' - Elon Musk
John Baker
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Tesla factories Austin and Berlin is burning billions of dollars because of supply chain issues. Elon Musk speaks of them as money burning furnaces.

Source video:

Elon Musk RIPS MASK Off Group Controlling Biden And The Democrats… It’s ‘Next Level Insanity’
John Baker
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Ivory Hecker From Reports, Elon Musk criticized the Democratic Party and President Joe Biden in a long-form interview that he gave with the Tesla Owners Silicon Valley club. In the interview, Musk told his true feelings about the Democratic Party and said that it was the United Auto Workers Union (UAW) that got Tesla excluded from the White House electric vehicles event because the company was not unionized.

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Elon Musk Says New Tesla Plants Are Losing Billions
John Baker
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Elon Musk called Tesla Inc.'s new plants in Germany and Texas "gigantic money furnaces" in comments to Tesla owners posted online Wednesday, as the electric-vehicle maker tries to ramp up production. Laura Wright reports on Bloomberg Television.
#tesla #twitter #evs

Elon Musk: Life is not about...
John Baker
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⁣Elon Musk: Life is not about...

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