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In 2018, Tesla was Worth Just Under $60 Billion. They Signed a 10-year CEO Extension & Compensat
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⁣In 2018, Tesla $TSLA was worth just under $60 billion. They signed a 10-year CEO extension & compensation deal with @elonmusk, which offered him *zero base compensation*, but up to $55 billion in compensation if, and only if, he could more than *10x the company's value* to $650 billion, a feat no CEO has ever accomplished.

By 2020, less than 3 years later, Tesla did indeed hit a $650 billion market cap, despite the skeptics who literally called it "laughably impossible" when the plan was publicized.

Now, the Delaware courts are shooting down that compensation package, citing that the Board of Directors were not truly independent and that shareholders weren't aware of the Board's relationship with Musk.

This is a joke, an insult to basic capitalist principles, and a mockery of the work that Elon put in to grow Tesla to this point.

Below is a clip from 2018 highlighting how wildly ambitious these milestones were considered by the media at that time:

Israel Just Shut Down Al Jazeera and Raided Its Offices
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⁣Israel just shut down Al Jazeera and raided its offices.

Journalism like this is the reason why:

One of the Last Remaining French Pacific Territories New Caledonia Resembles a War Zone Right Now
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⁣One of the last remaining French pacific territories New Caledonia resembles a war zone right now.

The French Government is using it's army to quash indigenous locals who are rising up against the colonisers.

Authorities also decided to ban social media app TikTok, which the government during a bout of riots on France's mainland last summer claimed helped rioters organise and amplified the chaos, attracting protestors to the streets.

France exploits the mineral-rich island, which lies in the southwest Pacific, some 1,500 km (930 miles) east of Australia.

France annexed the island in 1853 and gave the colony the status of overseas territory in 1946. It has long been rocked by pro-independence movements.

New Caledonia is the world's No. 3 nickel miner but profits go back to France leaving, one in five locals living under the poverty threshold.

Prominent Italian Chef Rubio, who has been vocal about his support of Palestine has posted to his so
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⁣Prominent Italian Chef Rubio, who has been vocal about his support of Palestine has posted to his social media stating he was ambushed and violently attacked outside of his home by people he referred to as “terrorists” and “Zionists.”

He claims they waited for him outside of his home and cut the gate wires with the intent to massacre him.

President Vladimir Putin Receives a Red Carpet Welcome in China
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⁣President Vladimir Putin Receives a Red Carpet Welcome in China

Watch the Narrative that AstraZeneca's COVID Vaccine is Safe Completely Fall Apart!
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⁣Watch the narrative that AstraZeneca's COVID vaccine is safe completely fall apart!

Jordan Peterson-Climate science is an appalling scam
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⁣Jordan Peterson: Climate science is "an appalling scam".

"We're essentially in a CO2 drought by historical standards... We were almost at the point where the plants were going to start to die."

"Now they have been increasing... The major consequences is that the planet is 20% greener than it was in the year 2000... Crop yield has gone up 13%."

"It's the opposite of what was predicted, and the opposite was regarded as a catastrophe. Okay, so the opposite of a catastrophe is good—there's more plants and crops grow better. Okay, so what's the problem exactly?"

Does Senator Pauline Hanson Really think she will Win More Votes for One Nation by Making Such State
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⁣❗"I'm standing up for the Jewish people. I'm sick of hearing about Palestinians. There is no genocide!"

🇦🇺🇵🇸🇮🇱Does Senator Pauline Hanson really think she will win more votes for One Nation by making such statements?

Reformed Ex-climate Alarmist, Tom Harris: Wind Turbines Require a Backup Fossil Fuel Plant that Cont
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⁣Reformed ex-climate alarmist, Tom Harris: Wind turbines "require a backup fossil fuel plant that continues burning 90% of the time, making the wind turbine largely unnecessary and, in essence, just for show."

"This is a far cry from the environmentally friendly image that is presented to the public."

All Dental Anesthetics Now Seem to have Graphene Oxide in Them, as Tested by Many Independent Labs L
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⁣All dental anesthetics now seem to have graphene oxide in them, as tested by many independent labs like by Dr David Nixons', LaQuinta Columna and others.

Dr Nixon said they're adding them to all injectables like those in cosmetics (like botox etc) and most likely to all local anesthetics.

We don't have any info if they're adding them to general anesthesia as well as IV bags... but highly possible.

Using magnets to keep the graphene at the bottom of the vial before using only the part that is clean is the only way to use it. As demonstrated in the video.

UN Troops Being Brought in as Migrant Refugees
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⁣WATCH: UN Troops Being Brought in as Migrant Refugees

Australian County Court Judge finds that Victoria Police used Unlawful and Unjustified Violence agai
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⁣Australian County Court judge finds that Victoria Police used unlawful and unjustified violence against anti-lockdown protesters at the height of the Covid pandemic Down Under

7News Australia reports that the demonstrators will have their charges dropped and the police could be facing an investigation of their own.

Donald Trump Warns that the Democrats Want to Use Bird Flu to Rig the 2024 Elections, Telling Everyo
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⁣BREAKING: Donald Trump warns that the Democrats want to use bird flu to rig the 2024 elections, telling everyone, "We will not comply."

The WEF Hosted a Summit in Saudi Arabia to Quietly Share the Details of their Disturbing Plans to Co
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⁣The WEF Hosted a Summit in Saudi Arabia to Quietly Share the Details of their Disturbing Plans to Completely ban Cash in Favor of a 100 Percent Digital System, While Admitting the Covid Pandemic was Part of the Plan to Transition Consumers Away from Cash.

The WEF hosted a summit in Saudi Arabia to quietly share the details of their disturbing plans to completely ban cash in favor of a 100 percent digital system, while admitting the Covid pandemic was part of the plan to transition consumers away from cash and into the cold embrace of central banks.

During a WEF meeting in Saudi Arabia last week, the Central Bank Governor of Bahrain Khalid Humaidan said ordinary people cannot be trusted to spend their money how they see fit, and the elite must completely ban cash in the near future in favor of a fully digital solution.

Humaidan also casually boasted that the general public is going to accept the elite’s transition to a central bank digital currency or CBDC without a struggle. According to Humaidan, the elites are not only planning to clamp down on cash for ordinary people, they are hellbent on eliminating it completely.

“At some point in time hopefully we’ll be able to be 100 percent digital,” he boasted.

Original source:

If You Want to Control the People, You Have to Control the CO2
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⁣"If you want to control the people, you have to control the CO2."

Dutch MEP Rob Roos: The "human-induced climate change" narrative is merely a pretext to install "a new form of communism", with the help of digital ID and CBDCs.

"Everything we do in life—breathing, living, travelling, eating—everything we do in life leads to CO2 emissions, and if you can control the CO2, you can control the people."

"And if you then have the digital identity, connected to the central bank digital currency... then we have Chinafication."

There was an 81% Miscarriage Rate After the ‘Covid Vaccine’
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⁣“There was an 81% miscarriage rate after the ‘Covid Vaccine’. This is the Government’s own data…and when I spoke up…I was offered $M’s to stay quiet…which I refused…so I was immediately fired…” -Dr. James Thorp on the Mass Casualties of the ‘Covid Vaccine’.

Tucker Carlson Claims that Lyme Disease, Spread by Ticks, was Created in Biological Laboratories in
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⁣Tucker Carlson claims that Lyme disease, spread by ticks, was created in biological laboratories in the USA

Unintended consequences?

Possibly not

Intended consequences of the deep state ?

Highly likely

I Can’t Imagine Why the State Premiers all Resigned - Their Day is Coming - The Hard Evidence is Ava
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⁣I can’t imagine why the State Premiers all resigned - their day is coming - the hard evidence is available of what they did - they can run but can’t hide - justice is coming, even if it’s frustratingly slow.

Imagining taking the health advice from this creature,
only to now find out that the shots he bullied people into taking,
are causing irreparable damage and death.

Nationwide we have an exponential increase in;
Sudden cardiac arrest
Turbo cancers
Still births
Neurological disorders
sudden deaths and the list goes on.

One can only wonder how many are now realising the indescribable insanity of listening to a goon like Andrews when it came to taking untested medical experiments.

Save this video.
Send it to the millions who got the AZ injection on Andrews’ insistence and coercion.

These are crimes against humanity…
Yet somehow no one is being held accountable…
which can only tell us the entire system is utterly corrupted.

Time for all Australians demand that people like DA are made to answer for what they have done to our people.

If you have any other updates,
please put them below in the comments.

Have a nice day.

Check Out This Dump in Sydney for $2.4 Million Verse the Amazing Mansions in Bali for Less, Plus the
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⁣Check out this dump in Sydney for $2.4 million verse the amazing mansions in bali for less, plus these Bali mansions come with 70% interest free funding and can generate $30-$60,000 a month in Airbnb income when not being used to stay in as a holiday home. Meaning for $599,000 or 30% deposit, one can have a $2 million mansion in bali worth $20 million in Australia. Hard to believe.

Australian property prices have lost the plot.


Self-Replicating Nanobots Found in both the Vaxxed and UnVaxxed
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⁣Self-Replicating Nanobots Found in both the Vaxxed and UnVaxxed

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