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CrossTalk | Brick by BRICS
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⁣CrossTalk | Brick by BRICS

The idea of BRICS started out as a Wall Street investment gimmick focusing on developing nations, but Today this is the organization many in the Global South want to be part of.

And the reason is simple: to avoid and finally be freed from western hegemony.

CrossTalking with Hasan Ünal, Foad Izadi, and Nourhan El-Sheikh.

A Video Which They Won't Show You on the Western Media
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⁣A video which they won't show you on the western media:

Check out the city of Mariupol which voted in a referendum to join Russia in 2022.

Russia is rebuilding the city at a lightning pace and handing out free brand new apartments to happy local residents.

Well done Russia.

Life Under Russian "Occupation" "Liberation" in Mariupol
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⁣Life Under Russian "Occupation" "Liberation" in Mariupol

American Fake News Propaganda Caught Red Handed Passing Off Old Pictures of a Damaged Apartment Buil
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⁣American Fake News propaganda caught red handed passing off old pictures of a damaged apartment building in Iowa, USA as supposed damage from Ukrainian drone strikes on Moscow.

Putin’s Response to WSJ’s Ann Simmons When Asked If He Wants to Rule the World
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⁣Putin’s response to WSJ’s Ann Simmons when asked if he wants to rule the world.

PutinDirect is also on:

Would you want to be on Putin's side or be like Joe Biden?
The Currency wars are heating up, and we back the BRICS plus nations, as although they are not perfect, they support a multipolar world. A world that respects national sovereignty. The Globalists and the puppets they install in their Western regimes, like Joe Biden, want a Unipolar world. Better known as a One World Government with a One World Central Bank Digital Coin backed by nothing, other than insolvent Governments. A coin that will enslave humanity by tracking and tracing you and controlling everything you buy.
BRICSTether is about preventing humanity from being enslaved by deceptive Globalists.

Choose wisely who you support. If you support democracy and freedoms and human rights.

Your chance to help change the world and earn 10% pa from a 100% asset-backed coin.

Intelligence Agencies Warning of Cyber Threats From Russia
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⁣WARNING: Intelligence Agencies warning of cyber threats from Russia.

This will be a false flag attack on our country's infrastructure.

Birth Control Has Been a Disaster for Woman’s Health
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⁣WATCH: Birth control has been a disaster for woman’s health

⁣DeSantis Sent To DESTROY MAGA. America Coming Off The Rails. [WATCH]
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May 2023


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Final Days Worldwide Premiere - Stew Peters Network [MIRROR]
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⁣Final Days Worldwide Premiere - Stew Peters Network [WATCH]


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How to make money in Affiliate Marketing
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⁣How to make money in Affiliate Marketing

US Military Whistleblower LT Scott Bennet Drops Bombshell on Ukrainian Bio-weapons Labs
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⁣US Military whistleblower LT Scott Bennet drops bombshell on Ukrainian Bio-weapons Labs.

⚡"It originally started in 2005 with the Defence Intelligence Agency…which created a 501 C3…called the Global Viral Forecasting Institute…with a Mossad Operative named Nathan Wolfe…which became Metabiota.

⚡This was funded by Rosemont , an investment firm, where Hunter Biden was the head of…along with Christopher Heinz (John Kerry’s son) and Paul Pelosi…Nancy Pelosi’s son.

⚡The West has been developing this under Obama and Biden for the last 10 years for the purposes of generating Biological and Chemical Warfare to use against the Russians, which is why they’ve been collecting DNA samples from Slavic People. Revelations of a Massive War Crime…Crimes Against Humanity …as it’s a violation of the Global Biological Weapons Agreement.

⚡This shows America with its 30 BIOLABS in Ukraine was involved in the experimentation on Human to Animal Transmission…which is precisely the origin of ‘Covid-19’."

Republican U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham Called the Death of Russians the "Best Money We've
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⁣NEW - Republican U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham called the death of Russians the "best money we've ever spent" during a meeting with Ukraine's Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

⁣The New American TV | Get Them Out! Government Schools Are Destroying Children [MIRROR]
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The New American
May 20, 2023


#Family #Parenting #Society #Education #School

⁣READ: Abortion Activists Leave Mutilated Animal Bodies at Pregnancy Center After “Satanic Ritual” -
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Steven Ertelt
May 2023


#StevenErtelt #LifeNews #Abortion #SatanicRitual #Truth

⁣READ: Most Christians don't have a biblical worldview
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May 2023


#Scripture #Bible #God #Religion #Truth

⁣WATCH: Joe Flynn- "5th Generation Warfare And The Social Engineering Of Our Youth!!"
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May 2023


#GlobaAffairs #5GWarfare #RealityAlteration #JoeFlynn #NinosCorner

"We Don't Let Them Dictate Their Will to Us": Hungarian Foreign Minister Made a Tough
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⁣"We don't let them dictate their will to us": Hungarian Foreign Minister made a tough anti-Western statement at a rally in Serbia

"Both of our countries are facing problems and both are being relentlessly attacked by the international liberal mainstream. But why are they attacking us? Because Hungarians and Serbs are defending their national interests. Because we have strong leaders. They attack us because we we want peace in Ukraine and do not contribute to the escalation. They attack us because we are committed to family values and do not allow them to dictate their will to us," said Peter Szijjártó.

Watch Our Premiere ‘Looted India: Cost of an Empire’
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⁣They came to take our trade, our textile, our raw materials,’ says Indians about the period of British rule, which has left its mark since the 18th century. Great Britain has been exploiting the huge Eastern country for many decades. The colonisers exported troves of gems, rare goods, and religious artefacts from there, and used the country as its source of raw materials.

They established their own rules in Indian society and imposed enormous taxes. The people were taught to treat the white men as a deity, to serve them, and fulfill their dreams. Colonisers used tortures, shootings, and starvation to make them compliant. India was only able to gain independence in the middle of the 20th century.

The Victorian Parliament in Australia is Officially the First Government in the World to Publicly Di
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⁣The Victorian Parliament in Australia is officially the first government in the world to publicly display their support of a U.N. Agenda to decriminalise sex with children.

⁣Australia PROMOTING PEDOPHILIA: Australian Government Hosts DRAG QUEEN Story Hour Inside PARLIAMENT

Victoria, Australia is being infiltrated by pedophilic trannies, who are in turn being protected by Australian government for performing in Parliament!
Maria Zeee joins Stew to share how their corrupt Parliament has decided along with the United Nations to treat the LGBT mafia as a protected class, lambasting those who disagree.
Parliament has favored literal pedophiles, who desire to have sex with minors despite consent laws and potential criminal punishment.
Perverts in Parliament not only desire to obstruct the consent laws, but want to utilize their law-making capacity to evade criminal charges that would apply to a case where a minor was involved - in defense of gender identity!
Australian government is actively facilitating the molestation and sexualization of children, in order to forward the woke LGBT agenda!
Australians are pushing back, but inso-doing they've been classified by the government as radical Nazis , for refusing the sexualization of their kids.
In retaliation to the people, Parliament hosted a Drag Queen story hour in front of the citizens in order to demonstrate that they are actively supporting pedophiles.
Australians need help and encouragement to continue to protest and defend the children. They have been successful in shutting down various drag queen events, but not without being deemed as violent radicals by the media.
Australians have to understand, that if they are going to take back Parliament, they must demand the exit of the UN immediately, alongside the WHO.
Globalists desire to push the same disasters in Australia to the world - it's time to stand against for the sake of our children!

Free Education Giveaway to End the Indoctrination We All Got at School or University
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⁣Free Education Giveaway to end the Indoctrination we all got at School or Uni
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