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DeSantis: “We Believe in Education Not Indoctrination”
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⁣DeSantis: "We believe in education not indoctrination."

Along with hitting Disney today, he signed a bill that ends the woke indoctrination in schools and workplaces.

Killers: Media-Wide
The Truth About Sigmund Pedo Freud and Who Created Netflix
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⁣The truth about Sigmund Pedo Freud and who created Netflix.

Recent market report that Netflix has lost billions off its shares. People are abandoning the brainwashing media.

My Video Call With the WHO
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⁣I wanted to share with you what it was like speaking to the WHO last week about a pandemic treaty. There were 48 people on the call. 16 of them were WHO staff.

I told them that the World Council for Health does not believe a pandemic treaty is necessary and would not benefit the people of our world.

I shared 16 recommendations which included the need for transparency, a return to open debate, respect of our inalienable human rights and civil liberties and the sovereignty of all people and nations. I called for the right to choose and refuse treatments or medical interventions. I also called for a rejection of mass experimentation, social engineering and discrimination based on medical status or choice.

I said our piece, knowing that I speak for all of us – all of you.

Will it make a difference? Honestly, I don’t know. But this is what we are up against. This is what we must fight.

The Pfizer Report Raises More Questions Than It Answers, Redacts Important Parts
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⁣“It's a shocker of the 42,086 patients… twelve-hundred and twenty-three of them died. Death was the outcome. That's 3.7% of the total… if we knew how many doses were shipped by Pfizer, we would understand what level of death this represents… but Pfizer redacted that number of how many total doses they shipped. So we cannot know what level of death this represents.”

France – Anti Macron Rallies Have Broken Out All Over France, After the News of Another Globalist Wi
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⁣France 🇫🇷 Anti Macron Rallies have broken out all over France, after the news of another Globalist win....This war won't be won at the rigged polling booths, it will be won on the streets. Long Live the People 💣🔥👊

With friends like this how could he possibly lose....

Not Counted As Vaxxine Deaths – Over 50,000 Americans Aged 65 and Up Died Within the First Two Weeks
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⁣Attorney Thomas Renz: "They say, 'Well, we don't count anyone as vaccinated until 14 days after their full vaccination,' so that means until 14 days after your second dose, it's not counted. Well, they did that because they know most reactions occur within 14 days of either your first or second dose... [As of] November/December [2021], there were 52,000ish [people aged 65 and up] who died within 14 days."

It’s a Cult Now – Social Media Created an Echo Chamber of Group-Thinking Hypochondriacs
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⁣oe Rogan: "...all of these crazy people who are hypochondriacs have grouped up together, and they're enforcing each other. And this one guy was wearing a respirator... Why are you wearing a respirator? Are you gonna wear this in five years?"⁣

Your Government Is Prepared To Murder 200,000 People, To Try and To Slow the Spread of a Respiratory
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⁣“Your government is prepared to murder 200,000 people, to try and to slow the spread of a respiratory virus"
(This was never about a virus - we know it, they know it. But it can’t be allowed to stand as acceptable,else it’s a tool that will be reached for in future. Never again.)

RAW Report -Interview With New Yorks Diana Lenska Part 2
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⁣RAW Report, Interview With New Yorks Diana Lenska Part 2

#anrnews, #rawreport

We Definitely Would Not Recommend You Getting Anymore Shots After Listening to This…Not That We Even
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⁣We definitely would not recommend you getting anymore shots after listening to this....not that we even recommended one!!

GB NEWS truthing with official government statistics.....
please share with family and friends to attempt to prevent them from getting a fourth!!

Putin in 2014 Exposed Who Was Behind ISIS
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⁣Putin Tells Everyone Exactly Who Created ISIS

Putin answered questions regarding ISIS from a US journalist at the Valdai International Discussion Club in late 2014.

In 1994, 160 Nations Agreed To Reduce the World Population to 800 Million by 2030
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⁣💥💥💥 ⚠In 1994, 160 Nations Agreed to Reduce the World Population to 800 Million by 2030

💥Toxic Chem Trails

Do You Remember in 2020 While NHS Hospitals Were Claiming To Be Full and Overloaded With So-Called C
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⁣Do you remember in 2020 while NHS hospitals were claiming to be full and overloaded with so called c-19 patients???

This is just a flash back of what was really happening in NHS hospitals all across the UK. While we were not allowed to see our family, friends and loved ones in hospital beds, they were making TIKTOCK dance reels all year.

It was not a pandemic it was a scamdemic. We have all been lied too, it’s time to wake up.

Think while it’s legal.

For raw truth, knowledge, guidance & wisdom follow our telegram messenger group.

C0VID Is Now an Industry, an Ideology, and a Cult – Mark Dolan, GBNews
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⁣"If you comply to make it end, your compliance means it never will."

Truthcoin Pre ICO Round 2 Closes April 22nd Midnight New York Time Which Gives Much of the World Alm
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⁣Truthcoin Pre ICO Round 2 closes April 22nd midnight New York Time which gives Much of the world almost an extra 24 hours to take advantage of the offer.

Truthcoin’s Pre ICO

Truthcoin, the new popular digital currency behind, Truthbook.Social, launches its Pre ICO ahead
of early June listing.

Truthcoin’s Pre ICO Round Round 2 is now open at just $0.04 cents, a fraction of its set listing price of $0.20 cents USD on crypto exchanges in early June,2022.

To qualify one must donate a minimum of $1000 USD, up to a maximum of $25,000 USD per person or entity. However for $10,000 USD, or higher donation amounts, you qualify to receive Truthcoin, at just $0.02 cents.
Round 3 will be at $0.08 cents.

Round 2 is now open and closes on 22nd April 2022.

Smaller donors can donate $250 or $500 but only qualify to get the coin at $0.15 cents not $0.02 cent


Reporting on the Stew Peters Show This Morning About the WHO Pandemic Treaty, Smart Cities, Aussie B
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⁣Reporting on the Stew Peters Show this morning about the WHO Pandemic Treaty, Smart Cities, Aussie bank accounts being frozen and my upcoming expose on an Aussie Hospital.

A Ukrainian Nazi Bot Centre Has Just Been Seized by Russian Forces in Berdyansk
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⁣A Ukrainian nazi bot centre has just been seized by Russian forces in Berdyansk.

Still reckon there's no nazis in Ukraine Scott Morrison?

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Stew Peters Pilot suffere heaet attack frim the jab only 6 mins after landing

“You’ll Own Nothing And Be Happy“ And Let’s Look At The Marketing Used To Deceive The World To Take
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⁣McIntyre Report Political Talk Show
Episode 116

“You’ll Own Nothing And Be Happy“ And Let’s Look At The Marketing Used To Deceive The World To Take A Deadly Lethal Injection Plus Senator Antic Demands To The Australian Senate Just How Much Is The Australian Government Infiltrated By The Wef President Klaus Schwab's “great Reset Communistic Agenda" 2/2


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