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Friday Night Lights – National File’s Addison Basurto Assaulted By US State Deptartment...

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· In mid-November, National File
reporter Addison Basurto, a friend of the Australian National Review and known
worldwide for his courageous coverage of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, travelled
from Chicago to Brasilia to cover
the freedom
protests in Brasilia.

· Addison interviewed a plethora of resistance movement figures, from
the head of the truckers’ union, known as Chicao, to Osvaldo Eustaquio, a
revered figure in Brazilian journalism who had his back broken by Brazilian
security officials in the course of his work.

· On Friday, November 18, Addison was invited to interview the
President of the Brazilian Conservative Students Association and a local
Campaign Manager at ‘Dobe’ bar in Brasilia.

· Intermediating this interview was a Renato Tebet, cousin of Lula
ally and 3rd placed Presidential candidate, Simone

· Upon arrival at Dobe for the interviews, Addison was joined at the
table not just by Renato Tebet and the interviewees, but also by two US State
Department officials, Miguel
Contreras and Kristen

· Contreras, a former US Marine and with a large gap in his publicly
available CV (screenshot attached, as Contreras has abruptly pulled down his LinkedIn),
presented an authentic State Department business
card suggesting he is a ‘Second
Secretary’ at the US Embassy in Brasilia, and commented to Addison and his
bodyguard that he was an expert in “logistics.” Despite being on foreign soil,
Parkhouse presented herself as a tenured FBI Agent, and provided Addison’s minder
her personal
details, including her official State Department and FBI
emails. Parkhouse carried three different smartphones.

· Although Addison immediately was caught off-guard by the presence of
the two US State Department officials and found it “strange,” it was passed off
as normal by Renato Tebet who explained he had a “lot of friends” in the US
Embassy and at the US’ investment arm for developing countries, ‘IDB Invest,’
where he claimed he was applying for “loans for his solar projects.” Tebet said
he had spent much of his youth living in Washington DC where his father worked
for the World Bank. The scheduled interviews proceeded without a hitch.

· Post interviews, the US Embassy officials offered to drive Addison
and his minder to another bar, ‘Jungle Bar,’ also owned by
Tebet, who by this stage had confided to Addison that he “stood to make a lot
of money if Lula takes power.” Contreras drove, boasting to Addison and his
minder that they had “diplomatic immunity” in his US government vehicle.

· On arrival at Jungle Bar, a concerted effort began almost
immediately, led by Contreras, to separate Addison and his minder by using an
attractive young red-headed woman, a Roberta Cahu, at a separate

· Shortly after Addison and his minder were separated, but with FBI
Agent Parkhouse still adjacent to Addison, a bearded
gentleman appeared and sat down next to Addison – and promptly began
issuing threats, including on Addison’s life, some of which were captured on tape. Referencing his experience in both “Iraq and
Afghanistan,” he identified himself as “Dominic.” If ANR readers
may be able to identify this man, please reach out to us, as law enforcement
would like to speak to him.

· Whilst the threatening situation was occurring, law enforcement officer
Kristen Parkhouse does nothing to intervene, as the tapes show. Furthermore,
she becomes perturbed, deer-in-the-headlights, when she realizes she is being taped by
Addison during the ordeal – which now seems to Addison more like an intelligence
operation or sting, setup by the US State Department and its cronies.

· Feeling increasingly concerned for his personal safety, Addison
leaves his table for his minders’ table, and they begin to make arrangements to
leave to venue and obtain Addison’s backpack and journalistic equipment from
Contreras (the equipment had been left in Contreras’ US diplomatic vehicle).

· Addison respectfully asks Miguel Contreras for his equipment to be
returned. At this point, shockingly to both Addison and his minder, Contreras turns
violent for the first time. He assaults Addison, shoving him repeatedly,
and grabs his throat. Addison’s minder is also assaulted. Both men do not retaliate,
and Addison raises his hands to Contreras, and continues to request for his
backpack and equipment to be returned. Addison also asks same of Kristen
Parkhouse, who yet again, does little to assist and continues in more of an
observational capacity.

· US State Department employee Miguel Contreras then assaults
Addison’s minder for a second time and Contreras is promptly flattened by the
minder in an act of self-defence. The situation seemingly diffuses and shortly
thereafter, the backpack and equipment are returned by Contreras to Addison –
but not before he says to Addison “If I ever see you again, I am going to kill
you.” Contreras is also captured on-camera
attempting to assault Addison a final time and break his phone.

· The bearded antagonist, who spoke French and broken English,
disappeared during the altercation. And to Addison and his minders’ surprise,
an unknown Australian man – who confirmed he was Australian when his minder
asked – appeared on the scene after-the-fact to enquire what was going on. This
was despite it being in the early hours at a nondescript bar in Brasilia, not a
known tourist city. Like the beard, this Australian man also disappeared as
quickly as he arrived.

· Addison has since left Brasilia in fear of his life and was
transported to the Brasilia airport under an armed escort at the advice of
current and ex US Special Forces and Australian SAS with experience in Brasilia.
Renato Tebet is yet to turn over the CCTV footage of the incident, as had been
promised by Tebet.

To date, mainstream media, both
liberal and conservative, have refused and even outright rejected the
opportunity to discuss the documented intimidation and assault of a fellow
American journalist by Biden Administration US State Department ‘officials.’

Addison and his minder have
lodged an official Complaint with the US State Department and expect to pursue
the matter further.

recap the broader situation and National File’s reporting in Brazil, National
File has exposed the role of
the Chinese Communist Party and their Epstein-tied influence operations in Brazil’s contested election,
which has been equated by Tucker Carlson as a Communist takeover of the
resource-rich South American nation. The country has now seen tens of millions
peacefully protest, noted again by Tucker Carlson as the largest demonstrations
since the fall of Communism.

National File exclusively reported, ex con Lula is
directly tied to some of the most prominent Communists and
narco-mafia on earth, with links not just to Communist China, but the massive
Communist Party apparatus of the former Soviet Union, as well.

More Breaking News from
National File on these critical issues, including
the closely nalyzed real time updates
from the Brazilian Armed Forces and Brazil’s Vice President, General
Hamilton Mourão, here.

EXCLUSIVE: Shady CCP-Tied, Epstein-Directed
Nonprofit Figures Prominently in Commie Takeover of Brazil

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