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Why Doesn't ASIO Want to Investigate the Origins of Covid?

51 Views· 06 Dec 2022
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⁣Last week I asked ASIO if they were intending to investigate the origins of Covid-19.

I also asked at what point does gain of function research become a bio-terrorism risk.

Unfortunately, ASIO was not interested in pursuing the 1st question or addressing the 2nd question.

Not only does the government not want to address these issues but it appears they actually want to cover up the details of any gain of function research in Australia:

“Health Minister Mark Butler has invoked a claim of public interest immunity to block the release of researchers’ names and institutions associated with 17 commonwealth-funded gain-of-function research projects that increase the virulence of viruses in a laboratory.”

⁣Special thanks to Senator Matt Canavan for lodging the FOI.

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