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Dr. Peter McCullough Breaks Down How the COVID Vaccines Injure and Kill
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⁣Dr. Peter McCullough Breaks Down How the COVID Vaccines Injure and Kill

Cardiovascular Disease
• "We've seen cardiac arrest now two years after these shots."
• Myocarditis (heart inflammation) • Acceleration of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease • Heart attacks • Posterior orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) • Aortic dissection • Atrial fibrillation • Cardiac arrest in the absence of myocarditis

Neurologic Disease
• Stroke (both ischemic and hemorrhagic) • Guillain–Barré syndrome (can cause ascending paralysis leading to death) • Small fiber neuropathy (numbness and tingling)

Blood Clots
• "The spike protein is the most thrombogenic protein we've ever seen in human medicine."
• Unusually large and resistant blood clots
• Blood clots that are not dissolving with conventional treatments

Immunologic Abnormalities
• Vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia • Multisystem inflammatory disorder

Dr. Phillip Buckhault's Testimony on DNA Contamination in Pfizer's mRNA Vaccine
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⁣Dr. Phillip Buckhault's Testimony on DNA Contamination in Pfizer's mRNA Vaccine

Hard evidence of DNA Contaminants in Pfizer and Moderna's "vaccines" despite being seen as “pro-mRNA” (as evident in the clip above, Dr. Buckhaults is a fan of mRNA technology).

⁣Read More:

How did he know? Vladimir Zhirinovsky in 1999 at the Council of Europe: I'm Telling You, Kiev W
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⁣How did he know?

Vladimir Zhirinovsky ( in 1999 at the Council of Europe:

I'm telling you, Kiev will be bombed next

I must say in advance that the war will be on the territory of Ukraine for the Crimea. In the Caucasus, the West will support the Armenians against Baku (Azerbaijan) and support Tbilisi (Georgia) against Abkhazia.

NATO's main goal is war against Russia. Not directly, but it will pressure Russia through Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic states, and the Caucasus.

As of March 2022, Russia is no longer a member of the Council of Europe.

AJ on Russell Brand Allegations Against Him
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⁣Jones on Brand
Alex Jones comes out in support of RB.
Agree with his comments…
yeah or nah?

Exposing the Real Agenda of the Voice
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⁣In four weeks, Anthony Albanese will force you to vote on stage one of the Uluru sequence, which begins by enshrining a divisive, Canberra-based, racially exclusive representative body in our nation's constitution.

The architects of this race-based representative body have chosen a more marketable term: "Voice to Parliament."

The Uluru sequence culminates in "Makarrata," another term for a treaty, something that the Yes campaign and Albanese refuse to admit.

After the treaty, there will be demands for land, money, power, and control, as they have stated, "This is the culmination of our agenda."

Those behind the Uluru statement clearly feared that speaking plain English would expose their real agenda.

That's why my team and I have worked tirelessly to provide you with their own words, so you can hear it from them directly.

When you are compelled to go to the polls in four weeks, I want you to be fully informed about Anthony Albanese's Uluru agenda.

First comes the divisive Canberra based "Voice".

Next is the treaty with its demands, its cadre of lawyers and activists, its use of guilt tactics, and its rewriting of history.

Then, after the division and conflict, you and your children will bear the burden of the costs.

If Anthony Albanese and the Yes campaign don't respect you enough to tell you the truth, they don't deserve your vote.

Vote no, Australia.

Australian National Review Founder Speaks About the Russell Brand Issue, and How the Globalists Cont
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⁣Australian National Review Founder speaks about the Russell Brand issue, and how the Globalists controlled media, used their playbook to silence any voice that has gotten out of line, or out of control, like Russell did, and refused to stick to their false narratives.

And how the same globalist media doesn’t care about sexual crimes against women, as they run cover for their pedophile masters and refuse to investigate the Epstein lists.

But they are happy to pay women tens of thousands of dollars to make dubious allegations, that never have to go to court to destroy and cancel someone’s life and career.

Is the character assassination by Globalists MSM, because they care genuinely for sexual assault issues, or because they have a pre-set dishonest agenda to deceive the dumbed-down western public who think you can believe and regurgitate what’s on the idiot box and escape becoming an idiot?

Australian National Review
Twitter @jamiemcintyre21

Thousands March in Sydney Today in an Government Funded Event Organised By Yes23
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Thousands march in Sydney today in a Government-funded funded event organised by Yes23 (ABN 70 636 542 204).

How much did this cost the Australian taxpayer?

The Albanese Government is so desperate to win the referendum that they are wasting millions of dollars of taxpayers' funds creating the illusion of support for the Voice through so-called 'organic' rallies.

Reminder: The No Vote rallies take place this Saturday 23rd of September in all cities across Australia.

The Yes Voters are Circulating This Video of a Frustrated Aboriginal Man in Adelaide Who Lashed Out
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⁣❗The Yes voters are circulating this video of a frustrated aboriginal man in Adelaide who lashed out at woke Yes activists inappropriatly carrying aboriginal flags after an AFL game in Adelaide.

😱Now the YES voters are calling for this man to be arrested.

💥So this is the voice you wanted Albo? Arresting more Aboriginal men?

⚡The Voice is devisive! VOTE NO!

⚠PS. The woman filming is not just some random bystander. Her name is Dr Victoria Fielding ( and she is an expert in the field of strategic journalism who is being paid to promote the YES vote by creating this type of content to discredit the NO Vote.

Russian Troops Transporting a Group of Ukrainian Prisoners of War Captured on the Herson Front
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⁣Russian troops transporting a group of Ukrainian prisoners of war captured on the Herson Front.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov Declares That the West is Conducting a War Against Russia
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⁣Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov declares that the west is conducting a war against Russia.

“Now is the Time to Get Your Mask Ready,” Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Says, Not Just For CO
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⁣Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer says he hopes “people have developed a habit” when it comes to masking.

“Now is the time to get your mask ready,” Dr. Tam says, not just for COVID but all respiratory viruses this fall.

Once Just A Conspiracy Theory - Drones That Claim They Can Detect Bs19 to Be Watching Over You, Spyi
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⁣Once just a conspiracy theory - drones that claim they can detect Bs19 to be watching over you, spying and tracking you ?

How long before court or sneezing becomes a jailbreak offence and drones report you to authorities to be quarantined ?

All while the looney left champion society sleep walking into a police surveillance dystopian future

#COVID19 a politically motivated pandemic that loves Global communism

How to make $3000 a month, from buying property wholesale, from as little as $89,000 Aud, & how
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⁣How to make $3000 a month, from buying property wholesale, from as little as $89,000 Aud, & how to earn $20,000 a month off a $600,000 Property

Bankers Wars the Cause of all Wars. A Must Watch Video
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⁣Bankers' Wars are the cause of all wars. Must watch the video.

I wrote about this in my first book, “What I Didn’t Learn At School But Wish I Had” in 1999 and us available for free at

⁣All Wars are Bankers Wars

What if every war fought in the last century was just a means to install central banks into countries that didn't want them?

If you look at a list of all the nations the US has toppled since 9/11, it's every nation that was not connected to a central bank under international control.

It's not a coincidence, and any time a nation attempts to back their currency with something like gold or silver, their leaders mysteriously get assassinated or some other disaster happens that upends the government so it can be coup'd.

How to make $3000 a month from buying property wholesale for as little as $89,000 Aud right now, plu
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⁣How to make $3000 a month from buying property wholesale for as little as $89,000 Aud right now, plus how a $600,000 property is making over $20,000 per month

Ukraine's Counter-offensive Has Achieved "No Results" Except for 71,500 Ukrainians Ki
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Ukraine's counter-offensive has achieved "no results" except for 71,500 Ukrainians killed in battle.

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Australian National Review Founder Asks, Do You Have A Plan B Country to Escape Future Lockdowns, an
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⁣Australian National Review Founder asks “Do you have a plan B country to escape future lockdowns, and what’s the next big trend you need to know in order to profit from and escape the ever-increasing costly Western and high-stress lifestyle?

Also, join Jamie for a live Zoom call this Thursday at 7 pm Sydney Time on such topics and how to generate $3000 per month cashflows for brand new luxury properties for under $100,000 AUD in a Plan B location

Australian National Review Founder asks “Do you have a plan B country to escape future lockdowns, an
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⁣Australian National Review Founder asks “Do you have a plan B country to escape future lockdowns, and what’s the next big trend you need to know in order to profit from and escape the ever increasing costly Western and high stress lifestyle?

Is Russia Now More Democratic Than the United States?
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⁣Is Russia now more democratic then the United States ?
#russia #unitedstates #ukraine

Imagine if the West had democracy ?

New Regions of Eastern Ukriane that become part of Russia, get to vote now in local elections.

Just imagine if we had such democracy in the West, and a nation that defended traditional values and good over evil.

Let me guess the woke crowds will vomit 🤮the western propaganda in response.

Russia is a dictatorship run by Oligrachs, and is a communist country, and this is just Russian propaganda.

Facts. The Communist Soviet Union ended in 1989, and was set up by the same R family after a brutal take over of Russia, and are now trying to destroy Russia again. They used to reside in Eastern Ukraine, until being banished centuries ago for questionable satanic activities. They then pretended to be Jews to get though Europe, but are fake Jews who brought upon death and misery upon the Jewish people, a certain Holocaust, but perpetrated much worse holocausts on Germany and other nations. But they can’t be talked about..They hide behind anti Semitic rhetoric, and use minorities to push there deadly agendas, such as the gay, greens, black communities to divide to conquer.

The West is run by Oligarchs, not Russia.Putin put Russian Oligarchs into their place much to the displeasure of the West who had hoped to take and pillage Russian after the Soviet Union collapsed ( and did to Putin stopped them )

The west has fraudulent elections, continually rigged by its Oligarchs. If not sure just ask Soros. Another traitor to the good Jewish people. Maybe we should ask why do the fake Jews hate the real ones so much ?

Russia has a leader that’s elected by its people, with massive 70% plus support level,and is becoming a modern democracy. It’s certainly not perfect, and corruption still exist, just like everywhere, but compared to the West ?

The West has a leader installed, with Biden having in recent polls over 70% of even democrats, that no longer support their Oligarch installed Puppet.

The west has censorship and Globalists controlled media ( which control the state - which is thus mostly indirectly state controlled media )

The west isn’t exposed to so called Russian propaganda, as westerners are censored and only get western propaganda.
The west is much more effective at propaganda then Russia could ever be, or needs to be. Russia has a leader that speaks publicly often to its people, articulating and intelligently and honestly and answers questions. It doesn’t ban Western propaganda to the extent the West bans Russian media, despite its attempts to destroy Russia from within.

When has the West last had a leader speak truthfully to its people or at least a leader that can speak at all ?

If the West is a democracy it would mean that Biden isn’t a puppet ????

So let the brainwashed spew forth their western http://propaganda.It’s predictable as all they know is what’s fed to them since birth, on the western idiot box 📦.
Russia isn’t perfect.
But it’s heading in the right direction.

Where is the West heading ?

Starting more wars it can’t finish, having other countries like Ukriane destroyed by the Globalist Cabal who one use in the West.

#russia #unitedstates #biden #trump #putin #ukriane #RussiaUkraineConflict
Australian National Review

Media not paid to push Western Propaganda and shares the truth as uncomfortable as it maybe for brainwashed westerners that grew up in the West with Western propaganda and think it’s somehow news

James Roguski Joins Maria Zeee to Expose the UN’s “Political Declaration” Which Seeks to Make Previo
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⁣If you missed it👇

James Roguski joins Maria Zeee to expose the UN’s “Political Declaration” which seeks to make previous temporary COVID measures PERMANENT which will include permanent surveillance, injections, and mandates, declaring their one world government with the UN at the helm.

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