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Jacquie Lambie from the Boosted Bogans Party of Australia Suggests Elon Musk has no Conscience Whats
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⁣Jacquie Lambie from the boosted bogans party of Australia suggests Elon Musk has no conscience whatsoever and should be jailed???
I wonder how her conscience is since died suddenly is trending with the jabs she pushed?

Seems someone is projecting.
Some would argue these are typical narcissistic sociopathic tendencies on display.
Just wow.

NATO Chief Stoltenburg Declares Attacks Against Russian Territory are Legitimate
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⁣NATO Chief Stoltenburg declares attacks against Russian territory are legitimate.

One step closer to WW3.

BREAKING: US Speaker Mike Johnson Says America is Helping Isrаеl Fight a Holy Wаr
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⁣BREAKING: US Speaker Mike Johnson Says America is Helping Isrаеl Fight a Holy Wаr

BREAKING: US Speaker Mike Johnson says America is helping Isrаеl fight a holy wаr.

Israel is run by satanic elites who love to mass slaughter unarmed, men, women and babies, while lying it has something to do with Hamas ( one of Israel’s creation’s, along with ISIS, used to justify war against its target nations to steal land and resources and ethic cleansing without having to call it that

So any Christian thinking it’s a holy war and supporting Israel are Gods biggest failures

You can’t be a true Christian and support the satanic Israel regime -

But nice try for the gullible to soak up

Former WEF 'Global Leader for Tomorrow', Economist Prof. Richard Werner, Describes...
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⁣Former WEF 'Global Leader for Tomorrow', economist Prof.

Richard Werner, describes how—according to his sources—CBDCs will ultimately be stored on small microchips implanted under the skin, and Universal Basic Income will be used to bribe people into accepting such a flagrant invasion of their freedom, privacy and bodily autonomy.

Before You Slap on Sunscreen and Jump in a Pool......Think of What You are Soaking In
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⁣Before you slap on sunscreen and jump in a pool......think of what you are soaking in!!!!

Two Police Officers and a Mental Health Professional Showed up at This Man’s House in Britain After
7 Views · 3 days ago

⁣Two police officers and a mental health professional showed up at this man’s house in Britain after he posted “Christians need to stand up” following what happened to Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel. Police state.

Dr. David Martin: If the WHO Pandemic Agreement Passes in May, the WHO will Gain the Ability to &quo
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⁣Dr. David Martin: If the WHO Pandemic Agreement passes in May, the WHO will gain the ability to "suspend all civil liberties", should it arbitrarily decide there's a "public health emergency".

"[Covid was used to] terrorise the world, convince them that we need some giant protector state that actually has some sort of supranational ability, and then suspend civil liberties as long as they need to be suspended... at the whim of funding agencies who have no criminal accountability."

"These things are set up to be terror campaigns, to modify the public's willingness to give up their liberties."

Russia's UN Envoy Calls for Sanctions Against Israel
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⁣Russia's UN envoy calls for sanctions against Israel

"Security Council Resolution 2728 was clearly not enough," Vasily Nebenzia stated, adding that failure to implement binding Security Council resolutions should lead to the imposition of sanctions against the violator.

Security Council Resolution 2728, adopted on March 25, 2024, called for an immediate ceasefire in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict during the month of Ramadan.

Famous Tiktoker Died Soon After 'Exposing' Beyonce And Diddy
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Immediately after the raids on Diddy's home, Kyle Marisa Roth released videos on TikTok in which she claimed to reveal little-known facts about the case, including alleged payoffs and instances of Beyonce attempting to remove online evidence of her attending a suspicious party.

Kyle Marisa Roth died last week at the age of 36; no cause of death has been given yet.

Source: NBC

Support Genocide or Lose Your Job? What Would You Do?
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⁣Support genocide or lose your job ?

What would you do ?

I mean after all it’s just murdering some future terrorists right - and Israel are the “chosen ones “ because they said so, right so maybe it’s ok to mass murder men,women and children and babies and pretend we are targeting a terrorist group Israel creates ?

We shouldn’t get upset about it and lose our careers right ?
As ethics and principles - who has them these days ?
It pays much better to turn a blind eye or even better cheer Israel on - many dumbed down westerners are so why shouldn’t you
Comply and get boosted on social media and your job promotion

⚡NEW FOOTAGE: 28 Google employees arrested and fired over protests against company's contract with Israel

Video of the Google employees that were terminated, 28 employees involved in a 10-hour sit-in at two of the tech giant's offices in California and New York City, protesting the company's ties with Israel.

Chanting: ‘Google… Google you can’t hide, you are funding genocide.’

Israel officially Launches Attack on Iran
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⁣BREAKING: Israel officially launches attack on Iran.

Does Israel have a death wish ?

In denial ?
Deluded ?

Or just love starting wars with their neighbours ?

But it’s everyone else’s fault

The world is just anti semitic

It couldn’t possibly be us


Nanobots That Release Toxins And Harvest Energy From the Body
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⁣Nanobots That Release Toxins And Harvest Energy From the Body

Here is the UAE Openly Bragging About Chemtrails and Cloud Seeding
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⁣Here is the UAE openly bragging about chemtrails and cloud seeding.

So now we’re at the point where they brag about it, they say it CAN cause flooding, but anyone claiming that it DID cause flooding is a conspiracy theorist.

Right. Got it.

Boris Johnson Actually just Admited that Western Hegemony Will End If Ukraine Falls!
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⁣Boris Johnson actually just admited that Western Hegemony will end if Ukraine falls!

By "hegemony" he means the political and military predominance of the deep state over other free countries.

More proof that Russia is doing God's work!

Is Australia Becoming a Sad Joke of a Weak Nation?
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⁣Is Australia becoming a sad joke of a weak nation?

This is what happens when you let a particular foreign lobby group take your nation over that has been planting the seeds of civil unrest by mass excessive deliberation immigration, to then use its shills to target a priest, to cause civil unrest, and then use the ruse to remove more civil liberties and arrest those that may object to their.
Priest being attacked violently with intention to murder.

And the NSW police pretending to be on a movie set.

The west is falling before our eyes.

Tactical Police begin rounding up and arresting Christians who rallied against the terrorist who stabbed their Bishop.

Notice how the Sargent acting tough for the cameras as a public relations stunt for Police Commissioner Karen Webb. Cringe.

Trump Speaks After First Day of Hush Money Trial
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"That I can't go to my son's graduation, or that I can't go to the United States Supreme Court.

I'm not in Georgia, Florida, or North Carolina campaigning like I should be.

This is about election interference."

Source: Fox

Tensions Rise Outside the Church in Sydney where a Christian Leader and Several Worshippers were Sta
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⁣BREAKING: Tensions rise outside the church in Sydney where a Christian leader and several worshippers were stabbed.

Any guesses which foreign lobby group flooded Australia and the west with mass excessive immigration, to then organise false flag attacks to incite civil unrest for their NWO order agenda ?

It’s time to stand up to this bully of a nation and teach it a lesson.

Canadian Bank Refuses to Give Customer Cash Without Proof of Why He Needs It
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⁣BREAKING: Canadian bank refuses to give customer cash without proof of why he needs it.

Coming to Australia real soon

If all your money or assets are sitting in a Western bank or western country including Australia, you are going to live to regret it.

Only so many warning signals can be given.

The Creator of Telegram Pavel Durov Doesn't Trust any Platform Developed in the US
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⁣The Creator of Telegram Pavel Durov Doesn't Trust any Platform Developed in the US

Israel Believed that it Could Launch a Strike Against Iran and Suffer no Consequence - That is No Lo
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⁣Israel believed that it could launch a strike against Iran and suffer no consequence - that is no longer the case.

This is deterrence. This means that in the future, if either Israel or the United States plan on carrying out an action against Iran, they have to weigh in the consequences of their actions knowing that Iran has the capacity to reach out and touch any place, any spot, any target in the region in Israel or out of Israel, and there's nothing anybody could do to stop that. This is why president Biden has been on the phone with Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, telling him, 'Do not retaliate'.

Operation 'True Promise' was an extraordinarily successful operation, not only for Iran, but indeed for the world, because Iranian deterrence now is a reality that can hold Israel and the United States in check.

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