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Australian National Review Founder Speaks About the Russell Brand Issue, and How the Globalists Cont

26 Views· 18 Sep 2023
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⁣Australian National Review Founder speaks about the Russell Brand issue, and how the Globalists controlled media, used their playbook to silence any voice that has gotten out of line, or out of control, like Russell did, and refused to stick to their false narratives.

And how the same globalist media doesn’t care about sexual crimes against women, as they run cover for their pedophile masters and refuse to investigate the Epstein lists.

But they are happy to pay women tens of thousands of dollars to make dubious allegations, that never have to go to court to destroy and cancel someone’s life and career.

Is the character assassination by Globalists MSM, because they care genuinely for sexual assault issues, or because they have a pre-set dishonest agenda to deceive the dumbed-down western public who think you can believe and regurgitate what’s on the idiot box and escape becoming an idiot?

Australian National Review
Twitter @jamiemcintyre21

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