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The Pentagon Press Secretary Just Admitted the US Have Been Training the Ukrainian Army To Fight Rus

25 Views· 12 May 2022
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⁣⁣The Pentagon Press Secretary just admitted the Us,have been training the Ukrainian Army to fight Russia for 8 years.

And somehow Russia is the aggressor.
Is Russia on the Us border for the last 8 years training its Neighbour’s and having them kill innocent Americans? And when the Us says enough is enough, after 8 years, they are the aggressor and must be sanctioned for starting a war that has been waged against it for 7 years ?

The truth always comes out.

NATO and the Us ie Globalists,are the aggressors, and Russia has tried appeasement for 7 years to no avail.

The US wanted this war,and knew Russia would invade as they planned ie US/ NATO proxy Ukraine in March, a full scale invasion of the Donbass regions to slaughter more Ukrainians, that dared speak Russian,forcing Russia to have to step in to protect their borders and their people.
The cat is out of the bag.

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