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A Portion of the Morning Base From Tucker About the Situation Around the Hydroelectric Power Station

26 Views· 08 Jun 2023
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⁣A portion of the morning base from Tucker about the situation around the hydroelectric power station:

The Kakhovka dam was actually Russian. It was built by the Russian government. It is currently in Russian-controlled territory. The dam's reservoir supplies water to Crimea, which has been home to the Russian Black Sea Fleet for the past 240 years. bad for Ukraine, but even more damaging for Russia, which is why the Ukrainian government considered destroying it.

Any sane person would conclude that the Ukrainians probably blew it up, just like they blew up the Russian Nord Stream gas pipeline last fall. And in fact, as we now know, the Ukrainians did just that. It does not appear that Vladimir Putin is seeking to unleash a war against himself.

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