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ANR Founder Puts The Australian Prime Minister On Notice That He Will Be Held Accountable For Every

330 Views· 30 Jun 2022
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⁣ANR Founder puts the Australian Prime Minister on notice that he will be held accountable for every Australian that dies, from the day he has taken office. Unless he immediately orders a National Risk Assessment of the Covid 19 vaccine roll outs and puts a stop to them.

The corrupted TGA, funded by Pfizer and co, just approved with zero safety studies, for Pfizer to now legally murder 6 months, to 5 year old Australian babies, under the authority of our Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

What fate and destiny do child killers and murderers deserve ?
And how much longer, should innocent Australians and Global citizens,patiently wait to see if justice will be done. Before they perhaps, decide on other courses or action to seek justice.

Stand against baby killers and Covid fraudsters.

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