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Anti Defamation League Set Up by Globalist Elite to Sue Anyone that Gets to Close to the Truth About

16 Views· 07 Sep 2023
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⁣The good ole ADL
Anti Defamation League set up by Globalist elite to sue anyone that gets to close to the truth about the elite families that want to run the world .

They actually are a Defamation League 😂 just remove the anti.
Some have said I’m anti semetic because I don’t like Globalists satanic elites.

I’m like “ half my friends are Jewish and actually most of my rich ones, go figure, and they are great people and aren’t the worlds problem”

I have no issues with Jews

I have very big issues though with fake Jews, who print fake money, ( or did, until recently, when no one with intelligence wants their fake money anymore, (did I mention the Fed that has no Reserves and isn’t a Govt Agency,) and try to control the world.

I just think we would all be better of without them, and together we should eliminate them from every inch of our society.

Agree or disagree ?
#adl are nothing but censoring by threats of defamation

Being anti fake Jews isn’t anti semetic.

⁣There’s a Tucker Carlson clip for everything.

On Monday, Elon Musk announced that he would be forced to sue the ADL for defamation and offered Tucker to join his lawsuit.

Before being fired from Fox News, Tucker blasted ADL director Jonathan Greenblatt for taking money to slander people.

“If you've got an enemy, there's a good chance that with a big enough check, you can pay Jonathan Greenblatt to denounce that person on television. And we're pretty sure something like that has happened to us,” Tucker said on Fox.

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