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Australian National Review Founder Discusses the Moon Landing in 1969, After AI Has Recently Stated

29 Views· 01 Jan 2024
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⁣Australian National Review Founder discusses the Moon landing in 1969, after AI has recently stated the moon landing photos to be faked.

Did we really land humans on the moon, and have them safely return in 1969 like we were told?

Would you bet your house on it that it actually happened or would you want to investigate the facts further ?

Why do some people believe the moon landing narrative without doing some basic fact checking?

Why can’t they with today’s technology’s achieve a moon landing of humans and safe return to earth, if they did it in the late 60’s.

Why does it upset people if the moon landing is questioned and put under fact checking scrutiny

If they lied about the moon landing what else perhaps have they been lying about

Australian National Review

Twitter @jamiemcintyre21

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