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Australian National Review Founder Warns How the Globalists Are Hyping The “ Foot and Mouth Disease

208 Views· 21 Jul 2022
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⁣Australian National Review Founder warns how the Globalists are hyping the “ foot and mouth disease “ as a pretense to destroy the Australian beef herd and cause food shortages as he predicted previously they would. This would drive inflation higher in a country that he says invented inflation. In Australia we have paid record prices for almost everything for years, even for apple downloads. It makes Australia very vulnerable to price hikes of food and energy and many nations could collapse rapidly as pre planned by the Globalists and Australia due to high debt, weak political leadership that antagonises its largest trading partner, as its a lap dog for Biden’s puppet masters, so they follow their interests, not Australia’s.

And how they are using Climate Change theory and Covid as a Trojan horse to usher in the Great Reset, as society would never accept the removal of civil liberties or human freedoms otherwise.
Warning contains passionate language.

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