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Died Suddenly Doco trailer goes viral with over 4 million views

67,297 Views· 02 Nov 2022
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⁣Died Suddenly Doco trailer goes viral with over 4 million views

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Cloud_Jumper 1 year ago

Dr Malone said it is not for the human body. Only for lab experiments. The patents for Cv-19,HIV,AIDS,Malaria,Cold,Flu shots are owned by oligarchs. MRNA is synthetic to replace your natural RNA messenger with a synthetic programmed one. It goes everywhere in the body thru lipoproteins that is in every cell in the body. It is a barcode tagging system for humans. Those who took it are now GMO people, no longer natural by God's design. The patents will affect their lives forever. Horrible events coming. Pray.

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Commonsense 1 year ago

Oh Lord. Not again. Folks, let’s think for ourselves. Fact: People die suddenly. It sucks. Long before Covid too, long before the vaccine. Did we hear of these people’s autopsies? Nope. That’s because they likely had health issues that were unknown until they died. That does NOT mean there is a conspiracy.
Should you know what’s in a vaccine before you get it? ABSOLUTELY. People have a right to know everything about what is being put into their bodies, and the lack of accessibility to the fourth phase of the Pfizer drug trial is concerning. The proof is there: Social distancing and masks work, so if you don’t want to vaccinate, distance and wear a mask. It’s pretty simple. But don’t buy into these bullshit conspiracies where they only show you half of something to fit the narrative they want. That’s not science, that’s propaganda.

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julietjuliet 1 year ago

I found this very interesting, and scary, I have to wonder about this, we have had the vaccines, my sister had the last one for the Omicron and it almost killed her. And she had a bad heart, and they said it was safe.

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Jimshaw 1 year ago

This is a very short documentary.

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Timetoban 1 year ago

Bill Gates daughter is currently on one of the most dangerous drugs in the world. The acne drug isotretinoin/Roaccutane/Accutane is a double risk suicide drug, spontaneously during treatment with or without PREMONITORY warning and months or years post treatment. It also induces permanent sexual dysfunction, how evil is that!! Justin Bieber was also taking this drug and it is undoubtedly the reason for his I'll health?

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