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Do We Need a New Definition For Being Labelled "Anti Semitic", Since Oct 7?

18 Views· 24 Nov 2023
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⁣Do we need a new definition for being labelled “ anti semitic “, since Oct 7 ?

It’s a big club your in if you are labelled such a term, solely used to deflect and defend against the undefendable position that “Israel has the right to mass genocide and murder unarmed civilians in the bs defence, it’s in “ self defence”.

Does Anti Semitic now mean you are simply anti genocide of unarmed men,women,children and babies and anti Bs from the war criminal elites behind Israel who control the US and the western vassal states?

The answer is clearly yes.
Don’t be shamed into being pro genocide and pro war criminals that are thieves, cowards and pyschopaths.

Most Israelis don’t support their regime either,nor even the IDF,and believe their current PM will cause a civil war in Israel due to his extreme hatred and position against unarmed civilians.

And yes the current PM helped start Hamas,and ensured its funding.

He claims Israel security forces let Hamas across the border on Oct 7 ?

Or is he saying that to deflect from the fact he did it,to sure up his failing support. Either way someone let them in on Oct 7 to use them as the justification for mass genocide. Don’t fall the obvious deception and lies and endless propaganda in the media they control or the threats if you dare object.

Let the cabal fall along with their western puppets, as the world finally figures out anyone, including the “ chosen ones” can’t commit genocide and spin their way out of it.

Australian National Review

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