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Ep. 40 of ‘Tucker on X’ - Spain’s Descent Into Tyranny Seems Eerily Familiar

18 Views· 18 Nov 2023
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Ep. 40 of ‘Tucker on X’ just dropped -
Spain’s descent into tyranny seems eerily familiar.

Opposition leader Santiago Abascal is one of the few people standing up to it. We traveled to Madrid to talk to him.

1:11 Santiago Abascal
2:23 The end of democracy in Spain
8:43 “Are you ready to go to jail for this?”
12:55 George Soros
16:48 Low Spanish birthrate
19:02 Censorship in Spain
28:32 When should the protests end?

Edit: don't scroll by this one. It's vitally important. Tucker takes us out of the echo chamber - he went to Spain...he and shows us what we are heading towards. Spain is teetering on the edge. We need to learn by what is happening there. Pray for the Spanish people.

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