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How Safe, Effective & Necessary are They, When Almost All Deaths of Supposed C0vid (Which Are Va

60 Views· 12 Jul 2022
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⁣So how are those high vaccination rates in Australia going ?
So well a 5th jab is coming before Xmas, as the first 3 or 4 is taking to long to kill some Aussies.
How safe, effective & necessary are they, when almost all deaths of supposed Covid ( which are vaccine deaths, not Covid ) are of the vaccinated.

Almost zero are unvaccinated - but they lie about this and want to now call even 2 doses as not vaccinated )& they try & kill the unvaccinated in hospital. They do this from following Gates and Fauci’s deadly but profitable protocol ( deigned to prevent correct treatment, but designed to maximise deaths.As a falsified pandemic needs dead people, & just counting the elderly dying in aged care homes isn’t enough ) by using a false PCR test to say they have Covid & then giving them Remdesivir, plus putting them on a ventilator. All to collect the big incentives hospitals are offered to push such a deadly hospital protocol, which boost deaths for the rebranded flu that magically disappeared for 2 years.

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