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In Australia and all Other Heavily Vaccinated Countries, Miscarriages, Still Borns and Disturbing Me

56 Views· 27 Dec 2022
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⁣In Australia and all other heavily vaccinated countries, miscarriages, still borns and disturbing menstrual abnormalities have now gone to unprecedented and unimaginable levels.

Here Dr Naomi Wolf explains that this was deliberate.

"The weird thing about the Pfizer docs is how obvious it is that this injection was studying the effect on the reproductive system....
the government authorized the ruination of millions of women's bodies knowingly with this injection."

One wonders…
Where are the feminists now?
Where are those that speak up for the protection of women’s rights and health?
Where is the media outrage?

And where are MEN who are supposed to be the protectors of our women,
that they may not be preyed upon by monsters?

Weak men create hard times…

and the hard times are now being felt by countless women whose health is now destroyed courtesy of the clot shots.

I wonder how many of the women in pharma and politics who pushed this potion actually have children of their own?

What a disaster.
It’s actually an abomination😞

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Derick 1 year ago

This year they will swing.... Gates, Fauci, Schwabb, and the rest of them

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