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Message to Freedom Lovers From Monica

68 Views 01 Mar 2023
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鈦his is a great message from Monica馃憞
Unity is key - TIPS

If someone starts badmouthing someone else from within the freedom movement;

1. Ask for proof of what they're saying.
2. Change the subject.
3. Counteract it by complimenting the person they're talking about.
4. If you have a platform or group, actively connect with groups in your area and try to help promote their events or initiatives. Actively help someone else.

You don't have to like someone to work with them.
You don't need to agree on everything to work with people on a common goal.

Celebrate your differences.
Recognise you similarities
UNITE for a common cause

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Chris Macquet
Chris Macquet 12 months ago

Good on you, Monica. Keep up the good work!

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