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Well done to Australian Freedom Fighters and Independent Media Journalists and Citizen Journalism. T

37 Views· 09 Sep 2023
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⁣Well done to Australian Freedom fighters and Independent Media Journalists and Citizen Journalism.

The truth of the Globalists-sponsored “ Voice” campaign, masquerading as a grassroots campaign for Indigenous Australians is being exposed. Of course, the globalist mainstream controlled media in Australia labels it “ misinformation” as only state-sponsored propaganda is Officially verified as the truth.

Even censorship Fakebook had to admit their Australian Fact Checkers were spreading false information.

If they think Independent Media is spreading misinformation, then let’s have a debate between Independent Media and fake news conspiracy theory media such as Channel 7,9,10, and ABC. Let’s also disclose funding for the media and Voice and see that yes Pfizer and other woke Globalist companies are sponsoring the “ Yes” campaign.

And how does the Australian Government work for all Australians if it’s using taxpayers' money to fund a “Yes” campaign against the clear majority of Australians' wishes, and a dodgy PM, shaming Australians as conspiracy theorists, for stating the truth that the Uluru Statement for the Voice, is more then the 1 of 26 pages they refused to release. And anyone who doesn’t just trust us, and dare ask for the details of what one would be saying,“ Yes” to is a Qanon conspiracy theorist.

Mmm, so which side is spreading the misinformation?

How about they simply prove to Australians what voting yes would mean, why are the Globalists funding the campaign, and why are Indigenous Australians equally against it as all other Australians are if it was their grassroots initiative?

Australian National Review

Proudly supporting Australians' right to ask questions, and demand details about the Voice, and what voting “Yes” means in reality.

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