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Self Made Millionaire, and Founder of the Australian National Review, Felt the Education System was

20 Views· 26 May 2023
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⁣Self-Made Millionaire, and Founder of the Australian National Review, felt the education system was designed deliberately to ensure financial failure, to ensure most remain obedient broke employees, who could never become independently wealthy and threaten the elite's control of the system. So he created his own education system and taught it to 500,000 people, mostly Australians before the Government banned him from sharing his financial insights. The same insights helped his clients make $5 billion collectively in less than 20 years. Such as buying Bitcoin at $75 USD. He simply moved overseas where they can no longer pre-meet him and share his insights. Learn many of them for free and access his best-selling book for free and video tutorials now while you can.
End the indoctrination and learn what the Government doesn’t want you to access.
Plus the Founder donates free teenager scholarships so read how you can get one for your teenager, or nominate a teenager.

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