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Senator Roberts Addresses The Australian Senate about Lab Grown Meat

74 Views· 23 Mar 2023
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⁣Senator Roberts addresses The Australian Senate about Lab Grown Meat - 21 March, 2023.

“Food Standards Australia and New Zealand are processing an application right now, to approve laboratory grown meat. Known in Australia as in vitro meat. It's called cultured meat, although I can see nothing cultured about it, it's slop. I'm horrified that bureaucrats university academics and representatives of the business sector that will make bank out of this move, could decide this once in a century shift in agricultural production. Conflicts of interest.”

“If billionaire predators can get decent hard working salt of the earth farmers to walk off their land, walk away from the love of providing the public with natures bounty, then they can sell their Frankenstein food from their factories and make out like bandits, while wrecking the health of everyday citizens.”

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