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Support Genocide or Lose Your Job? What Would You Do?

8 Views· 19 Apr 2024
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⁣Support genocide or lose your job ?

What would you do ?

I mean after all it’s just murdering some future terrorists right - and Israel are the “chosen ones “ because they said so, right so maybe it’s ok to mass murder men,women and children and babies and pretend we are targeting a terrorist group Israel creates ?

We shouldn’t get upset about it and lose our careers right ?
As ethics and principles - who has them these days ?
It pays much better to turn a blind eye or even better cheer Israel on - many dumbed down westerners are so why shouldn’t you
Comply and get boosted on social media and your job promotion

⚡NEW FOOTAGE: 28 Google employees arrested and fired over protests against company's contract with Israel

Video of the Google employees that were terminated, 28 employees involved in a 10-hour sit-in at two of the tech giant's offices in California and New York City, protesting the company's ties with Israel.

Chanting: ‘Google… Google you can’t hide, you are funding genocide.’

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