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The Australian National Review Founder Fact Checks the Former Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbo

30 Views· 28 Dec 2023
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⁣The Australian National Review Founder fact checks the former Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott,over his stance on supporting Ukriane and Israel, which he justified by we are fighting for our own freedoms and democracy.

He also challenges those who claim to be Christians, but are remaining silent or worse, even publicly supporting Israel, as they commit the most evil of crimes of mass genocide, murder of unarmed Palestinians, and theft of their land

He also highlights that the Israel PM even admitted that they fund Hamas,and why, as it ensures Palestine is divided to ensure no peace or no two state solution, and to use Hamas to further Israel’s already planned agenda to genocide and remove them entirely forever from Gaza( over the false flag Hamas attack Israel planned on Oct 7 to then justify there already planned genocide of Palestinians)

He challenges anyone that is supporting the evil of the Israeli regime to take a good hard look in the mirror and ask who have they become.

We all know mass murder and genocide is wrong so why do some support it?

Australian National Review
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