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Trump is Foolishly Sticking by his Vaccine Push. The Democrats are Going to Set Him up to Take the F

76 Views· 02 Sep 2022
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⁣Trump is foolishly sticking by his vaccine push. The Democrats are going to set him up to take the fall.
As much as Trump opposed the Globalists, it appears his ignorance in regard to the deadly vaccines and his ego will see him fall. The tide is turning against the vaccine’s and if he can’t see that, and it was a complete failure (or as we know done deliberately, then he will be left looking like a schmuck, that some claim he is) It’s a trap, and he has fallen right into it. Manipulated by those in his ear.

How much of a bad influence is Jarad Kushner?
He is the problem in the Trump camp in my opinion and manipulated by the Rothschilds who are part of Globalists enemy. They always do anything to infiltrate both sides of politics, and it appears they have set Trump up.

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Derick 4 months ago

Not that I don't believe YOU Alex, but unless I see it coming out of Trump's mouth (and not an actor portraying him), I don't believe he's stupid enough to believe this obvious garbage "#jab-lies" the minions left here are still pushing.

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