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AI is Creating Massive Entrepreneurial Opportunity w/ Emad Mostaque | #16 Moonshots and Mindsets

20 Views· 07 Jun 2023
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In this episode, Emad and Peter discuss everything from AI-generated content and property rights to ethical implications, along with the upcoming hyper-disruption wave of technology in all industries.

Emad Mostaque is the CEO and Co-Founder of Stability AI, a company funding the development of open-source music- and image-generating systems such as Dance Diffusion and Stable Diffusion.

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00:00 - 02:16 Intro
02:17 - 04:01 Teaching AI To Understand The Important Things.
04:02 - 07:22 Using AI To Help Treat Autism.
07:23 - 11:57 Rendering A Virtualized World In Real Time.
11:58 - 12:42 What's Going To Happen With Hollywood?
12:43 - 15:51 Communication & A Common Vision Are Keys To Success.
17:41 - 22:10 AI: By The People, For The People.
22:11 - 24:25 When People Do Wrong Do They Believe They Are Right?
24:26 - 25:25 What Is Emad Mostaque Currently Working On?
25:26 - 31:31 How Will The Medical Industry Evolve To Bring About Longevity?
31:31 - 34:49 When AI Creates Your Ideas For You, Who Owns The Product?
34:50 - 36:43 People Don't Understand How Much The World Is About To Change.
36:44 - 40:08 What Happens When Everyone Has Access To The Same Tools.
40:09 - 42:43 How Long Until The Advancements Start Shaking Up The World?
42:44 - 45:07 Emad's Advice For 20-Year-Olds Of Today
45:08 - 49:27 Emad's Advice For Companies Threatened By The Coming Future.
49:28 - 52:17 The Tools For Investment Are About To Change
52:18 - 53:58 Human-Level AI By 2029!
53:59 - 1:02:06 Creating Models Will Be Different, But Will Ultimately Connect Us.
1:02:07 - 1:03:37 How Far Away Is A Future Where AI Has To Be Part Of Society?
1:03:38 - 1:05:36 How Far Off Are We From Having Our Own J.A.R.V.I.S?
1:07:15 - 1:09:37 Does Privacy Exist When We Introduce AI Into Our Lives?
1:09:38 - 1:14:11 What Are The Fears That Come From The Power Of AI?
1:14:12 - 1:18:46 How Do We Build A Peaceful World?
1:18:47 - 1:20:09 Should AI Have A Morale Compass?
1:20:10 - 1:24:44 What Is The Vision For Education Of The Future?
1:24:45 - 1:26:44 The Future Of Education Isn't Screens It's Virtual Reality
1:26:45 - 1:28:50 The Combination Of VR & AI Will Be "Insane!"
1:28:51 - 1:33:39 Emad's Discoveries When Dealing With Autism & How AI Will Help.
1:33:40 - 1:37:49 Will Quantum Computing Have An Impact On AI?
1:37:50 - 1:39:04 Education Is The Next Step In Global Learning.
1:39:05 - 1:40:05 Emad's Mindset For Success.
1:40:06 - 1:40:43 What Are The Moonshots Emad Is Working On?
1:40:44 - 1:42:18 Outro + Ad.

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Trailer composed and edited by @abramshaffer

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