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American, British Pilots to Fly F-16s in Ukraine - Part 2

20 Views· 26 May 2023
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⁣BREAKING! American, British Pilots to Fly F-16s in Ukraine

Now, after Joe Biden’s allowed his Western allies to supply Kyiv with advanced fighter jets, including US-made F-16s (, the question is who’ll fly them?

Doug Macgregor expresses his great concern that there’ll be US pilots who “volunteer” to do so, on behalf of Ukraine, cuz it’s unlikely that Ukrainian pilots will be trained in time considering the absence of specific airfields w/ specifically designed runways, ground crews and logistical infrastructure

And indeed, there’s a good many of UK mercenaries as well as retired America's F-16 aces ready to volunteer to fly combat missions ( over Ukraine if the chance’s offered. To avoid the direct NATO-Russia confrontation, these pilots would fly aircraft with Ukrainian markings and should be granted dual Ukrainian citizenship so that in the event they are shot down, the political fallout is mitigated

The question’s still the same – what do European and American taxpayers think about this? Let's find out! (

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