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ANR Founder Says “This is the Strategy the Globalists Use. They Infiltrate Communities and then Push

75 Views· 26 Nov 2022
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⁣ANR Founder says “ this is the strategy the globalists use. They infiltrate communities, whether it’s the green movement, the gay movement, the Jewish community, etc, and then push their mental illness of perversion disguised as an ideology, and if normal people object to transgenderism or sexualization of kids or grooming, your anti-gay; or call our climate change bs, you’re climate change denier and don’t care for the environment, or call out the greedy central bankers, you’re anti-Semitic, or you’re a Covid denier & anti vaxxer if you question experimental drugs that lack safety testing, or over hyping & rebranding of the flu.
Tolerance by normal people is our weakness.
The globalists exploit tolerance and use the looney left, the 25% of the weakest in society, that can be easily manipulated & fall for every scam, such as climate change or Covid to be their online warriors.”

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