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Aussie Mum Refused a Life-saving Heart Transplant for Not Getting a Covid Vaccine Unleashes at Dan A

70 Views· 23 Feb 2023
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⁣G’day folks,
I just spoke to Vicki Derderian a little while ago,
and she explained to me the full extent of the situation she faces.

Despite being given a full medical exemption from ATAGI due to her chronic heart failure,

the Alfred Hospital in all of its infinite wisdom is still insisting that Vicky has three shots,

or they simply won’t give her the new heart that she so desperately needs.

What dark ages insanity is this!?!

It is now common knowledge that the injections are causing heart conditions in people all around the world in unprecedented numbers.

Not only that,
we also know that the shots can severely impact one’s immune system in a negative way.

In order to make sure that Vickys body does not reject a new heart,
she would have to go on immuno-suppressant drugs anyway so it makes absolutely no sense to inject with a dangerous and ineffective potion and spike proteins!

It’s absolute madness.

And here’s the kicker;
they want her to have 3 injections and they don’t even care how far apart they are…

because it’s not even about science anymore,


We need to get right behind Vicki in anyway we possibly can.
This madness has to end.

Enough is enough! 🤦🏻‍♂️💔

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