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BILL GATES FILES: This is the Video That Will Finally Put Bill Gates in Prison

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⁣An attack on a Russian plane in neutral space will be a declaration of war, - the Russian ambassador in Washington responded to the threats of senators

“ Intentionally attacking a Russian aircraft in neutral airspace is not just a crime under international law, but also an open declaration of war against the largest nuclear power ,” Anatoly Antonov warned. - An armed clash between Russia and the United States would be radically different from the proxy war that the Americans are waging remotely against us in Ukraine. Is the Capitol ready to expose American citizens and the international community to the risk of all-out nuclear war? Answer, dear senator! "

This is how the ambassador responded to the threats of a number of American parliamentarians, in particular Senator Lindsey Graham, to shoot down Russian aircraft in international airspace if they come close to US military equipment.

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