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Have the Globalists Pre-planned Their Media Coverage of the Hamas Attack, to Show Them as Barbaric,

29 Views· 13 Oct 2023
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⁣Have the Globalists pre planned their media coverage of the Hamas attack, to show them as barbaric, for deadly propaganda,to ensure public support for a pre planned Israel invasion of the Gaza Strip and mass genocide ?

They lie about everything so it’s always clear whatever the MSM is saying is likely not the truth

Both sides have committed atrocities but are we seeing mass propaganda for pre mediated purposes to deceive ?

To classify all Palestinians as barbaric people, thus it’s ok to mass genocide them with razing Gaza like some US Politicians are suggesting is what’s barbaric
Their is many reports that Hamas was merciful towards many Israelis but we are only seeing the opposite.

This is not about taking sides, it’s about being aware of propaganda and pre mediated agendas .

To classify all Palestinians as barbaric by US Politicians sets up a dangerous precedent just as equal to those who wish to wipe Israel citizens off the map.

Both sides are guilty of extreme violence and death.
Any thing that increases this such as propaganda needs to be exposed before it escalates and justifies the murder of mass innocents.

#israel #palestine #Hamas

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