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If You REALLY Want to Go Down the Rabbit Hole, I am about to Blow Your Mind. Flashback to 2011 Movie

4 Views· 06 Jun 2024
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⁣If you REALLY want to go down the rabbit hole, I am about to blow your mind.

Flashback to 2011 movie, “Contagion”.

The blockbuster movie with star-studded Hollywood cast, about a global pandemic stemming from a virus from a wet market in China…

Nathan Wolfe, Metabiota founder and lead virologist, was the lead biological consultant for this movie to help direct the producers on how the health community would realistically respond to a “hypothetical” pandemic.

Nathan Wolfe is also monetarily affiliated with Ghislaine Maxwell and the Clinton Foundation via the TerraMar project, and the Bidens via Rosemont Seneca funding his Biolab company with multiple labs in Ukraine, Metabiota.

Is it’s a coincidence that the same people who warned about a global pandemic coming, also happen to be the ones modifying pathogens?

The same guy who was looking for bat coronaviruses in Ukraine, is also closely affiliated with Epstein, Clinton, Biden, and the Rothschilds.

He also “predicted” the Covid pandemic in his book in 2008, exactly where it would come from, and how the government would respond to it, over a decade before it happened…

Fauci did not “make up” social distancing. It was always the plan.

Nathan Wolfe is the at the epicenter of this entire thing. Fauci is just a front man.


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