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Leo Frank
Leo Frank
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⁣Watson's article begins by pointing out several instances where murder is justified to protect a woman's honor and dignity. The first was a famous New York architect named Stanford White who owned a harem full of underage girls. The Jewish newspapers always promoted him in a positive light. He took the young and innocent Evelyn Nesbit, and when her mother sold her for money, he drugged her and forced her into rough sex. However, she returned to him as the affair continued for a while until a man named Harry Thaw saw her and married her. After Harry and Evelyn were married, they honeymooned in Europe, and he told her about his meeting with Stanford White.

This made Harry so angry that he shot Stanford for abusing his wife before they were married.

Despite the propaganda in the Jewish controlled media, 75% of Americans supported Harry Thaw. They claimed that Harry Thaw's finances allowed Stanford White to be released from prison after a nine-year delay in execution. Otherwise, he would have been executed, but so would powerful people, such as politicians and clergy.

The Jewish-run media seemed to have no problem with this. Jewish newspapers such as Hearst and the New Republic held the judge, the jury, and the entire state of Georgia guilty of the justice meted out to local residents against Leo Frank.

According to the Jewish media, it was an embarrassment to democracy because the perpetrators demanded justice for a Jew, but it was ignored when Jews did not openly participate and use violence to lead the revolution against oppression and tyranny.

Horrible. The Jewish press says that men who use violence to protect young girls from temptation are cruel, even if the general public sympathizes with them.

On the other hand, when there are Jewish crimes against Jews, as between Becker and Rosenthal, the Jewish newspapers are generally immoral, and biased.

Sometimes they expressed sympathy for Becker, a convicted Jewish criminal, and criticized another third party (consisting of non-Jews) who might have "done" him. In this case, it was to catch the Rose-Webber gang.

he is. It ensures their survival.

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