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Leo Frank
Leo Frank
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⁣The passage goes on to compare the Becker case to the Frank case, with the judge refusing to let the former case proceed and the defendant's attorney calling the former case's trial "a sham." The judge defended the prosecutor in the case, but Leo Frank's Jewish lawyer wanted the case to continue. But the US Supreme Court ruled that Frank's rights had been violated. In a racist hit piece against Jim Conley, Jewish media outlets like the Daily claimed that Frank was falsely accused of being a black criminal with a clean criminal record before becoming an accomplice in the rape and murder of Leo Frank . Georgia law does not only require evidence of accomplices to convict a criminal. That is why Leo Max Frank was indicted. Otherwise, the judge would have been charged with perjury. Neither Frank nor his accomplices were ever convicted of murder. Mary Fagan was a very good Christian girl in Adriaal's class at the First Christian Bible School. His mother was Mrs. J.W. Coleman said the last time he saw his daughter was what she was doing before she died and that her clothing and appearance matched what he saw at the crime scene. Other witnesses, such as George Epp, also came forward and said where Mary Fagan was last seen before her death (the witness was riding the tram with her) and later said she was never at the stadium. The next witness was Newt Lee, the night watchman who discovered Mary Fagan's body the next day and claimed that Frank wanted her to come in early. Newt said that Gant had come to retrieve two pairs of shoes he had left behind while working at the factory, and Frank asked Newt Lee, who is black, to find the shoes from a former employee. That night, on his way to the laundry after being called by nature, he accidentally discovered Mary's body in the basement and quickly reported what happened to the police. The next night, Frank was also questioned. A week at a local station. Attached to the body was a note identifying Jim Conley (identified as a tall, dark, lanky black man) and blaming him for the murder (identified in the note as Newt Lee, a black night watchman). Sergeant Dobbs, the police officer and eyewitness, later said he called at 3.25am on April 27, 2013, giving basic details of what he saw.

⁣This case is mandatory study for all 8th grade students in Georgia, if you are interested in learning more about it, please read these two books:
1 - The Murder of Little Mary Phagan by Mary Kean, 1988
2 - The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume 3 the Leo Frank Case, the Lynching of a Guilty Man by NOI Research Group, 2016

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