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Michael Saylor: "You Have 6 months to SEIZE This 1000x Opportunity" (Time To BUY)

14 Views· 07 Jun 2023
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Michael Saylor: "You Have 6 months to SEIZE This 1000x Opportunity" (Time To BUY)

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Michael Saylor knows exponential technology when he see’s it. Once upon a time, before Bitcoin, Saylor made a huge amount of money from investing in a different type of exponential technology.

During the dot-com era and the dawn of the internet - Michael Saylor recognised just how big an opportunity mobile phones and the internet was going to be and thus made early investments into Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Google.

Then in 2020, when it was clear that Bitcoin was the hardest money on Earth and was a solution to the debasement of currency problem and inflation, Michael Saylor was able to increase the enterprise value of his company, Microstrategy by a multiple of 10, just by converting all of their cash on their balance sheet into Bitcoin.

But now there’s a new exponential technology that has come about and is on the tip of everyone’s tongue - Artificial Intelligence. Before ChatGPT came along, cryptocurrency was the fastest adopted technology the world had ever seen.

Then Ai came along and smashed it, with CHATGPT going from 0-100 Million users in just 2 months. In his latest interview with Peter McKinnon on What Bitcoin Did - Michael Saylor breaks his silence on AI and speaks on what is the opportunity he has seen that is bigger than Bitcoin.

Saylor believes that if you are an entrepreneur or a builder - you have a window of 60 months to get in early on the ground floor of AI to build exponential wealth and ideas.

Now - don’t get it twisted, Saylor still has 100% conviction in Bitcoin as an investment vehicle and safe haven asset. However for those builders and entrepreneurs out there - Saylor believes AI is the biggest opportunity your going to get.

Make sure to stick around to the end of the video where Saylor breaks down why he believes AI could either be the greatest revolution or end of humanity as we know it and why it’s only strengthened his resolve and conviction in Bitcoin.

About Michael Saylor:

Michael J. Saylor is an American entrepreneur and business executive, who co-founded and leads MicroStrategy, a company that provides business intelligence, mobile software, and cloud-based services.

Credits: To watch the full interview highlighted in the video (and subscribe to a great crypto resource!) Check out What Bitcoin Did:

10 Rules for Life with Michael Saylor

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