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Novok Djokovic Paid Tribute to 9/11 Victims and the NYC Fire Department After Winning His First US O

10 Views· 06 Aug 2022
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⁣Today, the Biden administration is not allowing Djokovic, who is often the world's #1 ranked tennis player, to enter the country to play in the US Open because he is unvaccinated.

This despite the fact that he has scientifically superior natural immunity, the link between COVID vaccines and myocarditis is well documented, and these shots do not stop infection or spread.

Mandating that basic human liberties are predicated on the consumption of a giant pharmaceutical company's potentially harmful products is the literal definition of fascism.

Joe Biden should stop being a fascist, let all unvaccinated travelers into the country, and allow Djokovic to play in the US open.

Are you willing to forgo being the greatest tennis player of all time by not taking the shot❓

"Yes... because the principles of decision making on my body are more important than any title or anything else."

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