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Putin’s Response to WSJ’s Ann Simmons When Asked If He Wants to Rule the World

30 Views· 01 Jun 2023
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⁣Putin’s response to WSJ’s Ann Simmons when asked if he wants to rule the world.

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Would you want to be on Putin's side or be like Joe Biden?
The Currency wars are heating up, and we back the BRICS plus nations, as although they are not perfect, they support a multipolar world. A world that respects national sovereignty. The Globalists and the puppets they install in their Western regimes, like Joe Biden, want a Unipolar world. Better known as a One World Government with a One World Central Bank Digital Coin backed by nothing, other than insolvent Governments. A coin that will enslave humanity by tracking and tracing you and controlling everything you buy.
BRICSTether is about preventing humanity from being enslaved by deceptive Globalists.

Choose wisely who you support. If you support democracy and freedoms and human rights.

Your chance to help change the world and earn 10% pa from a 100% asset-backed coin.

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