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The Australian National Review Founder Says, “Ukraine is Likely to be Given a 48 Hour Ultimatum, to

34 Views· 11 Oct 2022
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⁣The Australian National Review Founder, says “ Ukraine is likely to be given a 48-hour ultimatum, to cease hostilities and end the war. Zelenksy, the puppet President won’t, so the war will escalate until Ukraine is brought to its knees, and stopped and the Western Elites destroyed.

Our world will avoid WW3, only if enough Westerners wake up in time, to disapprove of their western puppet regime leaders, including Australians who have a Globalists regime having us support the Nazi Ukrainian Regime that took over Ukraine in an armed coup in 2014 led by the US State Department.
If not, they could be saying goodbye to their sons and daughters, as they are conscripted into WW3,started by the same families ironically, who started WW1 and 2.
History repeats itself if too many are ignorant of reality.”

Australian National Review

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