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The French Intelligence Community Names the USA as France's Main Enemy!

138 Views· 14 Oct 2022
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⁣The French intelligence community names the USA as France's main enemy!

In a report entitled "Who is the enemy?" published this week, the US / UK are described as having set up a "war machine" aimed at undermining the French interests for the benefit of the United States.

Examples are given as the attacks against Alstom, Naval Group or against french cinema.

The file also mentions China/Russia but as a secondary problem compared to the US threat.

Moreover, the video published with the report is also evocative: France appears plunged in the energy crisis while Schwab and Macron (with a US "Young Leaders" pin) say "everything is fine".

This 100-page report was published by a university called the Economic Warfare School, which is known for being close to the intelligence community, and for training counter-intelligence executives working in large French companies.

There are still people among the French elite who are seeing that the US is the greatest enemy of multipolarity and thus of France

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Kraykat 6 months ago

Frances president Macron is a pedo Satanist just like Biden. Maybe instead of claiming that another country is the "enemy", France should look at and clean up the mess that's in their own back yard.

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