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TruthTalks to Pre Launch. Truth Talks has been Created to Provide Valuable Education on What’s Happe

45 Views· 11 Oct 2022
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⁣TruthTalks to Pre Launch
Truth Talks has been created to provide valuable education on what’s happening in the world, including exposing the Globalist’s “ Great Reset”, Totalitarian communistic Agenda being pushed by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum and other billionaire elites that want you to “ own nothing and be happy”, whilst eating insects and being injected every 3 months with deadly and dangerous vaccines for hyped flu’s.
By sharing the Truth from inspirational Truth Leaders, many that form part of the Global resistance and freedom movements.
Never has there been a more critical time in human history for the truth to be shared widely, to defend democracy and the freedom of speech and our way of life. Truth Talk’s part of the TruthGroup,
It also is offering a 75% revenue share with Partners such as Freedom Influencers, citizen Journalists, digital nomads, publishers and others who want a part time flexible income. Effectively get paid to share the truth.

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