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Video Editing Expert Discovers ‘Low Frequency Infrasound’ Embedded in Obama’s ‘Leave The World Behin

54 Views· 04 Jan 2024
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Video editing expert discovers ‘Low Frequency Infrasound’ embedded in Obama’s ‘Leave The World Behind’ movie.

⁣When Downloaded & Put Into An Editing Program the Movie Has 4 Audio Files Instead Of The Standard 1 file.

One Of The Audio Files Is Just A Frequency “Low Frequency Infrasound”

“For the last 15 years that I have been using Sony Vegas and other editing software and have gone through downloading movies, 100% of the time, it's either an MKV or a MP4 (…) There’s always 1 video file and 1 audio file.

Now let me show you what happened when we downloaded the movie “Leave the World Behind” onto Sony Vegas. Here you go:

One video file, 4 audio files opened up! And this one, this 4th audio file seems to be the weapon. This is a low ELF - Low Frequency Infrasound.”
#leavetheworldbehind #obama…

Australian National Review

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