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What We Weren't Taught About "The Plague"

4 Views· 25 Jan 2024
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⁣"The Plague" or "The Black Death" was said to have wiped out half of Europe's population in the mid-1300s to earn the title as the most deadly pandemic of all time. It is claimed that the bacterium Yersinia Pestis caused the death of all of these people and that the disease was so infectious that being anywhere near a case could be fatal.

Many aspects of the narrative simply do not stack up, in particular the fact that germ theory and Koch's postulates have been falsified numerous times over the past century. As our Italian friends declared after their recent interview with Dr Mark Bailey, these fairy tales have enslaved the world in a false paradigm of disease for generations.

In this video we examine the science behind this so-called contagious disease and why the wheels have fallen off one of the crown jewels of "pandemic" mythology."

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