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Who Believes this Child has Been Vaccinated, and is the Most Probable Reason She has Collapsed Durin

190 Views· 01 Nov 2022
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⁣Who believes this child has been vaccinated,and is the most probable reason she has collapsed during a live news conference in Australia?
But it wouldn’t make the news otherwise, as state sanctioned murder of children in Australia, by both the State and Federal Governments is allowed.
In fact the vaccine makers can’t be charged for murder, as our Governments give them legal protection, & our health regulators make money from, and are funded almost entirely by the same deadly pharmaceutical companies.
And they accept their safety trials, with zero safety studies, or checks of their own.
If you got your kid whacked, sadly you aren’t a good parent, but assisting state sanctioned genocide. A terrible price to pay by being obedient and scared of what others might say if you dare asked a question.

Australian National Review
One of the few news outlets willing to take down the entire Australian and State Governments for the Covid fraud and cover up of death and injuries from their paid sponsors.

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