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ANR Founder Let’s RIP Over the Rigged Two Party Preferred System in Australia and Highlights Unless

11 Views· 23 May 2022
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⁣ANR Founder Let’s RIP Over The Rigged Two Party Preferred System In Australia And Highlights Unless Independent Media Is Properly Funded There Will Never Be A Political Revolution

Clive Palmer Filled The Coffers Of The Enemy In $100 Million To Mainstream Media And Zero To Independent Media

Those Who Follow Independent Media
- How Many Vote For Liberal, Labor Or Greens In Our Anr Polls 0%

The Majors Get Their Votes From Those Who Watch The Idiot Box. The Idiot Box Creates Idiot Voters.

Get People To Stop Watching The Idiot Box And You’ll See A Political Revolution.

Regardless Most “ Woke “ Will Soon Be Broke And Are Boosted So The Left Will Run Out Of Voters Within 3 -6 Years Anyhow.

Change Is Coming Regardless As Anr Founder Highlights Some Key Predictions

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