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Australian National Review Founder Says,"Kanye is Challenging the Jewish Owned Media. He Speaks

103 Views· 19 Oct 2022
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⁣Australian National Review Founder says

“ Kanye is challenging the Jewish owned media. That takes balls as most won’t speak up, and just tolerate their bullshit.

He speaks for many around the world.

Let’s face it, isn’t it time to cut the crap, and identify those in the world that are responsible for most of the problems. And stop pretending they don’t exist, or with their trillions,can’t interfere in world events.

It’s time the Jewish people decide, if they will allow such actions to be done in their name, or denounce the criminal Jewish Rothschilds family, once and for all .

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of the fake Rothschilds Jews, printing fake money, to buy up the world and influence world events for their own sick agendas.

It’s them or humanity.

I’m on humanities side.

I trust you are to.

Australian National Review

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Derick 2 years ago

Fact is, it's not the pure evil criminals at the top like Blackrock, Vanguard and others and their owners getting their hands dirty, it's pure SCUM beneath them that are the PAID hitmen and women, and they gotta go DOWN. Money is WORTHLESS when your conscience kills you from inside, and I curse all that obey them with a killer conscious that sends them to painful early death. As soon as money is completely abandoned for pure barter, these criminals will lose ALL control.... it's TIME.

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