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Channel 9 Runs a Ridiculous Hit Piece on Port Hedland Councillor Adrian McRae Due to his Trip to Mos

3 Views· 03 Apr 2024
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⁣Channel 9 runs a ridiculous hit piece on Port Hedland Councillor Adrian McRae due to his trip to Moscow where he travelled to observe their election integrity process.

The “journalist” attempts to lecture him on democracy, free speech, and freedom.

Australia held a Referendum. The country voted ‘No.’ The States proceeded to establish a Voice to Council, Voice to Parliament, etc., despite the democratic vote of the people.

The majority of Australians are opposed to Digital ID. This is abundantly clear by the response of people on Senator Gallagher’s post celebrating it, for example, with most people outraged at the bill. Yet they’re doing it anyway.

Channel 9 does hit pieces on independent journalists that seems to paint them as some sort of domestic terrorists.

Channel 9 was staunchly supportive of vaccine mandates and misinformation.

I don’t think Channel 9 is in any sort of position to lecture anyone on democracy, free speech, and freedom.

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