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Exposing the Real Agenda of the Voice

44 Views· 19 Sep 2023
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⁣In four weeks, Anthony Albanese will force you to vote on stage one of the Uluru sequence, which begins by enshrining a divisive, Canberra-based, racially exclusive representative body in our nation's constitution.

The architects of this race-based representative body have chosen a more marketable term: "Voice to Parliament."

The Uluru sequence culminates in "Makarrata," another term for a treaty, something that the Yes campaign and Albanese refuse to admit.

After the treaty, there will be demands for land, money, power, and control, as they have stated, "This is the culmination of our agenda."

Those behind the Uluru statement clearly feared that speaking plain English would expose their real agenda.

That's why my team and I have worked tirelessly to provide you with their own words, so you can hear it from them directly.

When you are compelled to go to the polls in four weeks, I want you to be fully informed about Anthony Albanese's Uluru agenda.

First comes the divisive Canberra based "Voice".

Next is the treaty with its demands, its cadre of lawyers and activists, its use of guilt tactics, and its rewriting of history.

Then, after the division and conflict, you and your children will bear the burden of the costs.

If Anthony Albanese and the Yes campaign don't respect you enough to tell you the truth, they don't deserve your vote.

Vote no, Australia.

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