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Is Australia Becoming a Sad Joke of a Weak Nation?

7 Views· 18 Apr 2024
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⁣Is Australia becoming a sad joke of a weak nation?

This is what happens when you let a particular foreign lobby group take your nation over that has been planting the seeds of civil unrest by mass excessive deliberation immigration, to then use its shills to target a priest, to cause civil unrest, and then use the ruse to remove more civil liberties and arrest those that may object to their.
Priest being attacked violently with intention to murder.

And the NSW police pretending to be on a movie set.

The west is falling before our eyes.

Tactical Police begin rounding up and arresting Christians who rallied against the terrorist who stabbed their Bishop.

Notice how the Sargent acting tough for the cameras as a public relations stunt for Police Commissioner Karen Webb. Cringe.

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