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Joe Rogan Criticizes the Corporate Media's Deceptive Trump Bloodbath Hoax and Highlights the Ri

6 Views· 22 Mar 2024
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⁣Joe Rogan criticizes the corporate media's deceptive Trump bloodbath hoax and highlights the rise of independent media.

"It's important to highlight how not just inaccurate but deceptive the media was in their depiction of what he said. They are taking this quote out of context and trying to say that there is going to be a civil war if he doesn't get elected, which is not what he's talking about at all.

It's so disturbing that they think they can get away with it with all of the scrutiny with social media and all the independent journalists that exist now, which is one of the more interesting things about the demise of corporate media.

The demise in trust in corporate media is at an all-time low, so this has led to a rise in true independent journalists. The real ones out there. The Matt Taibbi's and Glenn Greenwald's."

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